10 Creeptastic Halloween Nail Designs

Oct 3, 2016

Photo: pinterest.com

If you are a Halloween lover like I am, you take your outfit seriously. But shouldn’t every part of your spooky ensemble be awe-inspiring with its Halloween inspiration? Painting your nails adds just that much more to your costume, and will definitely get you some major compliments.

Here are some of the best spooky Halloween nail designs I could come up with for you this spooky season. Just take the picture to your nail tech or try to create these nails designs yourself.

1 Creepy Forest

If you love the Halloween pumpkin orange, you will love these nails. They are simple, clean, but just detailed enough to get everyone’s attention and add a little creep factor to your outfit.

2 Sparkly Spider

This Halloween nail design is not only great with any outfit you will wear on your night out, but it is also super easy to DIY. Just grab your best glittery black polish, some white polish, and a needle and you will be done in no time.

3 Haunted Hombre

If you are looking for something a little simpler, hombre Halloween colors are one of the best ways to go. Personally, I love the contrast between the red and black. You can even reverse the colors and make it look like your nails are dripping with blood, which is even more creeptastic.

4 Creepy Cat

Black cats are a staple in all Halloween traditions, so why not have them on your nails? These are simple, cute, and go with any outfit. You can make it pop even more by first adding on a white coat, or really, any Halloween color you love. Either way, these nails are a great choice for Halloween party goer.

5 Beautiful Bats

If you are looking for something more colorful, fun, and detailed, these Halloween nails must be your new favorite. First of all, the background is hombre, second is the vivid detail in the bats, and third, adding glitter to any nail art just makes it that much more perfect. Though these nails require a bit more effort, it will be worth it when your girlfriends won’t shut up about how cute your Halloween nails are.

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6 Magnificent Murder

As I mentioned before, reversing black and red to make it look like your nails are dripping blood is honestly just plain awesome. And adding glitter? Even better. What sends these Halloween nails over the top are hoe easy they are to do yourself at home.

7 Halloween All-in-One

This nail design might be my favorite of all. It incorporates all aspects of Halloween -spiders, ghosts, webs, even some color. And what is great is that you can change out the colors to anything you want to match your costume – I would suggest red, black, or orange to get a little more into the Halloween spirit.

8 Frantic French

If you are more of a French nail girl, this nail art is perfect for you. It is simple, spooky, and just plain adorable. You can make them exactly like this, or make them matching ghosts or mummies. Either way, your nails are bound to draw eyes and gasps of love from every girl you see at your Halloween bash.

9 Wicked Witch

I know some of you love your sharp talons, so this one is for you, ladies. These Halloween nails are not only creepy, but deadly, too. Plus, they will go with any costume you decide to rock on the spooky holiday. You can mix up the nails designs or just create your own.

10 Sinister Stripes

And, of course, I have to throw in one eccentric style with the wild colors and designs. If you want to go bold this Halloween, this nail art is definitely for you this holiday season. You can mix up the stripes, or even go hombre with the orange and purple. Either way, these are sure to catch people’s eyes.

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These are all delightfully spooky Halloween nail designs for this year. Choose one and DIY or just show the picture to your artist, either way, you will be receiving non-stop compliments on your creepy nail art.