9 Fun Halloween Activities for the Whole Family

Oct 30, 2015

Halloween is a special time for families since it’s all about unique family traditions, and fun and precious memories. Even if you are not passionate about Halloween, which is rather doubtful, having your own family traditions and activities is important to your children. Halloween is also a great opportunity for adults to indulge their inner child and to recollect their own childhood. Here are a few fantastic Halloween activities for the whole family.

1 A mystery gift for your neighbors

Halloween is incomplete without pranks and mischiefs, which can quickly get your family in the spirit of the holiday! When I was a child, my parents prepared a package full of various treats and goodies and sent me to our neighbors. But I couldn’t give it to them; I just had to leave it in the doorstep. The instruction inside said that the receiver should pass the Halloween box to another neighbor.

Apart from sweets, the package contained a cute tiny trifle, which the receiver hung in the front window of the house to show that they received the package. I was always curious about how long it would take before our house received the same package. Gradually, the entire neighborhood was signed with those cute Halloween symbols and nobody could guess the initiator. But this is the tradition of my childhood and you can opt for something different. Just make sure your pranks are harmless to anyone’s well-being and property.