10 Hauntingly Beautiful Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas

Oct 9, 2016

Perhaps you already have some Halloween costume ideas in mind and you know what shoes you are going to wear, but what about your eyes? You can’t have a complete Halloween costume and look without bold and creepy eyes to match, so here are ten hauntingly beautiful Halloween eye makeup ideas I could conjure up for you this holiday season.

1 Zealous Zebra

Ladies, we all know we have gone to a Halloween bash as some sort of animal, but just slapping on a tail and some ears are not cutting it this year. Spice it up by drawing the patterns of your animal around your eyes, like these lovely zebra stripes.

2 Mad for Metallic

If you want something bold like the zebra stripes but still within the realm of normalcy, this is the perfect look for you. Adding in a double wing and some great metallic eyeshadow will bring your eyes to the next level this Halloween.

3 Bold Fire-Bird

If you want something a little lighter yet creepy, go with some glitter and wings that span out to widen your eyes. Throwing in some extra color never hurt, either. This is definitely one of the most beautiful Halloween eye makeup ideas to try no matter your age.

4 Colorful Cobwebs

Now this is some eye makeup (and a little forehead makeup, too). This Halloween look is bold, beautiful, and definitely a little creepy, which makes it perfect for Halloween. So, grab your black liner and get to work, because this might take a while.

5 Vivid Victorian

This Halloween makeup is insane. If you have the skills to do this, girl, you better do it. Not only will you receive a million compliments, but you will have the best makeup in the room even if the rest of your face is completely bare. This look is classic, detailed, and downright gorgeous.

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6 Daring Disney

If you love Disney – specifically the Lion King – this eye makeup is perfect. If you did not recognize it at first glance, this makeup embodies Scar from Lion King. You can tease your hair for a mane, throw on a tail and some ears and be good to go for the night.

7 Midnight Madness

This Halloween look has to be hands down my favorite. The contrast in textures, the color, the detail, the jewels – all of it adds up to a BA look. Plus, bats are a classic for any Halloween holiday look. That is indeed a true midnight madness.

8 Fabulous Feathers

Since we have already covered the cat kingdom twice, let’s move on to another species – birds. This Halloween eye makeup is absolutely abstract and absolutely adorable. It is effortless, colorful, and bound to get some attention. Plus, it will not take hours like all the others.

9 Lovely Lion

I know, I know, another cat, but c’mon, this Halloween look is fierce and you know it. It may take a little extra time, but it will be worth it. Plus, you do not even have to do your brows, so really it is a win-win situation.

10 Monarch Butterfly

If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, this Halloween makeup idea is for you. Bright, unusual, beautiful and a bit weird butterfly makeup will suit any Halloween look, and it does not look blackish.

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Those are all the fabulous and fierce eye makeup designs I have for you this Halloween, so spend a little extra time creating one of these bold beauties and the compliments will never stop. What are your favorite Halloween eye makeup ideas?