11 Mysteriously Creepy Halloween Hairstyles

Aug 28, 2020

I have already covered almost every aspect of your Halloween makeup, but what about your hair? You have everything planned, down to the nail polish donning your toes, but your outfit will never be complete without the perfect hairdo. The great news is you do not need tons of time to create them. They are absolutely simple yet mysteriously creepy. So here are my top eleven Halloween hairstyles for you this hair-raising holiday.

1 Creepy color

One simple way to spice up your hair for Halloween with little to no effort is to dye it. You can use the temporary spray or go all out and buy box dye, either way, matching the color of your hair to your costume will take your ensemble to a whole new high.

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What is the better time to change a hair color than Halloween?

2 Bountiful braid

I dubbed this “bountiful” for a reason. This hairstyle is so versatile; it can be used with almost any costume. The picture depicts the usual Greek goddess look, but you can add different accessories to give it an entirely different feel.

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You can add spiders, cobwebs, flowers, anything and it will look absolutely stunning.

3 Wicked white

If you are going to dress up as a demon, a vampire, or anything else terrifying, this hairstyle is perfect for you. The white and wild ends – this hair will haunt people in their dreams, along with the rest of your costume.

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You may need a lot of hairsprays, though. And I mean, a lot.

4 Malevolent Maleficent

As the name clearly states, this hairstyle is ideal for those of you who plan to try to replicate Angelina’s Maleficent (which was magnificent, by the way).

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But this style can also work for witches, demons, and really any evil being in general.

5 Pretty pumpkins

If you or your little one want to look utterly adorable, turn donut buns into pumpkin buns. All you need is the usual suspects to create a donut bun, throw in some decorative ribbon and sparkly things and poof, instant cuteness.

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6 Fearless fur

Instead of wearing those cheesy animal ears, create your own with your hair. Just part your hair down the middle, shape it, and spray the hell out of it. Maybe use some gel, too. Possibly a whole tub. But hey, your hair will rock.

7 Menacing medusa

Out of all the Halloween hairstyles, this one has to be the easiest, and most creative. What better way to depict snakes than braids? The look even without the snakes would look fantastic, but adding in the small props just makes the entire ensemble.

8 The new age nest

If you are looking for something more modern, more artistic, more creative – look no further. Turn your hair into a true work of art by making it the center of attention like this young lady did, creating a bird’s nest with her lovely locks.

9 Neutral natural

If you are going with more face makeup, it is a great idea to keep the hair framing your face a little less crazy, a little more neatural – natural. A simple wave or curl, with some added effects such as leaves, cobwebs, flowers, glitter, etc adds just the right effect.

10 Easy ears

As I mentioned before, a lot of us go for the cutesy ear headbands – and there is nothing wrong with that. Throw your hair in a messy updo, leaving a few strands to hang in front and toss in the ears and go. Easy, yet spooky.

11 Creepy horns

If you do not want to do anything with your hair but leave it down and be lazy, you can always add in something big and exciting; such as a headpiece, horns, ears, etc. You can even add multiple together to be even more bold, such as the girl above.

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Now, your Halloween look will be complete. Makeup, costume, and hair. Remember to be creative, have fun, and enjoy yourself and what you wear – you only get one chance this year to go crazy. Well, unless you’re perpetually crazy, then just be yourself. Either way, take inspiration from these creative ladies and make your hair a statement along with the rest of your Halloween ensemble.