6 Pros and Cons of Rainbow Buzzcuts

Sep 14, 2021

Photo: Janine Ker

Your current hair-do is starting to feel like a hair-don’t, so you begin to ponder a makeover. As you leaf through the pages of the latest hairstyle magazine or looking to Instagram for some inspiration, a colorful and slightly outrageous style catches your eye.

As you gaze at the glory of the rainbow buzzcut, you begin to ponder if your lifestyle matches the rebelliousness and sheer appeal of this buzzcut. Surely you have questions, so let’s get straight to the pros and cons of this hairstyle to help you decide whether or not the rainbow buzzcut is right for you.

1 Pro: hair care for buzzcuts is super easy

Think about it. You already have the ultimate style – no need for anything else. Plus, having shorter hair means using less water in the shower, less shampoo, and less conditioner. You do not even have to worry about blow drying it. For those who love their sleep or being as low maintenance as possible, a rainbow buzzcut is a win-win.

2 Con: not for the conservative

But there are those who will argue that women need to have long hair, especially if you are from a more conservative community. Your school’s or company dress code might not like the outrageous glory of your rainbow buzzcut, and your family might think you are revolting against the Man. But who I am kidding, depending on your stance, this could totally be a pro.

3 Pro: You are going to get a lot of compliments

Having rainbow hair, long or short, is something that only the brave can pull off. You have to be prepared for people putting you in the spotlight and saying how awesome your hair is. Plus, you are going to draw a lot of attention to yourself simply for having a shaved dome. Not many women have the confidence to feel like they can pull off a style like this.

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4 Con: You are also going to get some criticism

On the flipside of number three, a rainbow buzzcut is going to get you some sneers. It is a risk you need to take. People will ask you bizarre questions about why you did it and how others are perceiving it. You will be judged. Whether you can handle that or not is based on the same criteria for number three. How confident are you?

5 Pro: creativity

Boring is one thing the rainbow buzzcut is not. Whether you opt for permanent or semi-permanent color, get it carved, stenciled, or patterned, the possibilities are endless. For me, I would have some patterning done (like those lotus flower undercuts), then have the petals dyed in the semi-permanent rainbow for festivals. If your hair grows fast, you can change up the look of your buzzcuts almost as often as you like. Your head, your canvas.

6 Con: it may not be considered professional

But you have to remember that brightly colored anything can be considered frivolous if you work in an office or another professional environment. Sure, your hair should not warrant investigation by the fashion police, but it could get you in trouble, so check with management first.

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So, what are your thoughts about the trend? I do not know about you, but I am all for the rainbow buzzcut. In fact, I think I may have to try it myself. Buzzcuts are super sexy because they prove you do not need flowing locks to be a confident woman. Add a touch of the rainbow, and you are truly in for a transform that will help you feel radiant from the inside out.