How to Wash Your Hair Right

Oct 13, 2022

Wonder if you are washing your hair the right way? My own research showed that 7 out of 10 women don’t wash their hair right. While I can’t state with assurance that all women worldwide commit these hair washing mistakes, many don’t know how to do their hair correctly. Washing hair isn’t a hard process – you just wet, shampoo, rinse your hair, apply conditioner or hair mask and then again rinse, and that’s it. Nothing complicated, but washing your hair properly can seriously make a difference. Here’s the ultimate hair washing guide to follow:

1 Begin with a hot rinse

You probably know the rule – don’t wash your hair with hot water. Well, it’s true, partially. I always thought that hot water is absolutely bad for my hair health until I met a beauty expert who shared the secret of hot rinse with me. When you wet your hair with a hot water (but not very hot, of course!), it helps to open up the pores and the cuticle, and remove any dirt more effectively. This, in turn, helps your conditioner or hair mask absorb better.

2 Wash the scalp

The popular way to apply shampoo is all over the hair and scalp. This popular way is actually a wrong way. Apply your shampoo to the scalp only, massage it gently and rinse it with warm water. If your hair is too dirty and oily, then after you apply your shampoo to your scalp, lather it in your hands and gently move it over the strands. There’s no need to shampoo your hair twice or use a lot of product.

Although most shampoo brand’s instructions recommend us to shampoo hair twice before using a conditioner or a hair mask, I think it’s just a trick to make us use the product faster and spend money on a new one. Handful of shampoo is enough to wash a very dirty or greasy hair, so don’t overdo it. Over-shampooing strips away the natural oils from the scalp and causes dryness, dandruff and irritation.

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3 Don’t apply your conditioner to the scalp

Whether you have oily or dry hair, never apply your hair conditioner to the scalp. Not only do you waste the product, you make your hair look greasy, which means you’ll want to wash your hair again the next day. As you probably know, washing your hair each day is bad for your hair health, so use your conditioner from the mid-length to the tips and rinse it with warm water.

4 Add shine to your locks with a cold rinse

This step is for the bravest women, probably. Really, I couldn’t imagine rinsing my hair with cold water. Once I tried, I saw the difference, and now I always finish my hair washing with a cold rinse to add luster to my locks. I can’t rinse my hair with a very cold water (maybe because I prefer hot showers over cold ones) but a slightly cold water works well for me. Give a cold rinse a try and let me know how it works for you.

5 Use your conditioner first

This rule isn’t for every woman. If you have trouble washing your hair or you have a very long hair, try conditioning your hair before using your regular shampoo. This way, you prevent any hair damage and wash your long hair faster. If you don’t have conditioner, you can use a small amount of your hair mask – just don’t leave it for 20 minutes.

I know, it sounds complicated, but once you turn this hair washing guide into a habit, you won’t notice how you make your hair healthy and shiny. So, ladies, let’s be honest, which of you do wash your hair the right way? Do you find these hints helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments section.