7 Tips for Buying Hair Extensions

Dec 12, 2015

Going from long locks to short hair is simple – all it takes is a few minutes and a pair of professional scissors. But you can’t grow your hair in a few minutes, days and even months. There’s another way, though. Hair extensions are an easy and quick way to get extra volume and length. If you’ve never worn hair extensions, it can be a little daunting to buy them. The thing is, not all hair extensions are made equal. There is a glut of textures, lengths, colors, and styles. The price isn’t the only difference between quality and standard hair extensions. There are many other things to consider. Check out some tried and tested tips for buying the perfect hair extensions.

1 Natural human vs synthetic

Both options are great, but I do recommend wearing natural human hair extensions. Synthetic extensions aren’t practical and safe. You can’t swim with them. You can’t style them. You can’t use blow-dryer, curling iron or flat iron, albeit there are heat-friendly synthetic extensions. They look fake and don’t last for long. This is a thing I learned from experience. Human hair extensions, on the contrary, look natural and you can easily style your locks as usual.

2 Different hairstyles

There are different types of extensions for different hairstyles. If you can’t afford to buy them all, then consider a few hairstyles you are going to wear before buying a set. When it comes to hair extensions women think a long and loose hairstyle is the only option. It’s not. Buns and ponytails. Braided and curled. The possibilities are endless when you have the right hair extensions.

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3 Shedding test

Shedding is one of the biggest problems with hair extensions. It’s important that you test hair extensions before you purchase them. Run your fingers through the extensions to determine whether they shed or not. Hair extensions require special care so make sure the extensions you are going to buy are of high quality.

4 Hair color

Choosing the right hair color is a challenging task, especially if you’ve been dyeing your hair for years. The wrong hair color will let others know that you’re wearing extensions so be extra attentive. Nowadays there are tons of colors, and low-lights and highlights so you’ll definitely pick the right shade.

5 Length

If you want your hair extensions to serve you for many years, look for quality extensions. When buying, pay attention to the length of the extensions – it should be the same length. It may be difficult to find high quality hair extensions, but it will worth your time and effort.

6 Thickness

Just like the length, the thickness of your hair extensions should be the same too – from top to bottom. Hold the extensions up to the light to determine the thickness. If there are no gaps in between the hair, purchase it. If you see many gaps, leave it and continue looking for the extensions of a better quality.

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7 Texture

Hair extensions come in curly, wavy, and straight textures. It’s not easy to change them so choose the texture that matches your own texture. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of time in the morning trying to get your own hair to match your extensions. Save your time and extensions by buying the right texture.

Hair extensions allow us to add a couple of inches and great volume to our locks in a matter of a few minutes. Famous women aren’t the only ones who can easily transition from short hair to long locks overnight. Since hair extensions are rather affordable, you can purchase them too. Now that you know some tricks, what are you waiting for? You deserve that little purchase. Have any other tips? Let us know in the comments.