10 Reasons to Celebrate Halloween Abroad

Halloween has a rich and nuanced past that extends back through Christian history and into pre-Christian Celtic history. For instance, the association of Halloween with cider, apples, pumpkins, and other vegetables arises from the fact that many religions urged their members to abstain from eating meat on All Hallow’s Eve. The deep roots of Halloween mean that much of the Western world partakes in the holiday. Celebrating Halloween abroad can be a rewarding, educational, and exciting way to experience the year’s most frightening holiday. Here are a few reasons to consider leaving home this Halloween.

1 It Might Be More Peaceful

Some people want a wild and raucous Halloween and others want a somber, reflective holiday. In places like England, Ireland, and Scotland, Halloween celebrations date back to the Celtic period when the day was used to both celebrate the harvest and remember dead ancestors. Halloween in these places is a day of quiet celebration.