5 Signs Your Halloween Is Going to Be a Total Failure

Oct 5, 2017

It is less than a month away from the creepiest holiday of the year and it is already clear that Halloween is going to be a total failure this year. How? Well, as ridiculous as it sounds, there are several signs that prove it, so you have enough time to change the situation.

1 You are too busy to realize it is already October

October? What? Yea, girl, it is already a second month of the fall season and it is time to realize the holiday season is approaching. Forget about the beach parties and invest in some pumpkins to decorate your house. Summer is over so fall clean your house and get it ready for the crazily spooky parties and perfectly nice family Thanksgiving dinners.

2 You forgot about Halloween

Everyone is talking about Halloween and you wonder if they can’t talk about something else. If you work from home, you might be absolutely lost and overwhelmed so Halloween is the last thing you can think about.

3 You are broke

Despite all the cheap or free DIY Halloween costume ideas and tricks on how to host a creepy party on a budget, you realize you are totally broke and those ideas will not work for you. Well, at least try to find someone to invite you to their party.

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4 You do not feel like wearing any costume

Halloween is not Halloween without some fun, creepy, or weird costume or makeup. If you are not in the mood to even think about it, unfortunately, this year Halloween is not your thing. You have two ways out though. You can either evoke your Halloween spirit by watching some scary movies or skip the holiday and spend the evening watching all episodes of Gilmore Girls with a bottle of your favorite wine. Not bad, actually.

5 You have no one to hang out with on October 31

Whether you have just moved out or you simply have the hard times with your so-called friends, Halloween is going to be a little boring (okay, boring) unless you find someone to celebrate it with. It is possible to celebrate it all alone but if this idea sounds depressing to you, you have three weeks to make new friends.

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Whether you want it or not, Halloween is almost here so make sure you finally ditch all those endless to-do lists and enjoy the fall season along with its fantastic holidays to the fullest. Otherwise, you risk missing all the fun. Are you ready for Halloween?