15 Halloween Costumes for 20 Somethings

Halloween has never just been a holiday for the kids. Now that we are over the ages were candy is king, we can enjoy what truly matters – the costumes. Mom no longer has claim to our outfits, and so we can become whatever or whoever we want to be for All Hallows Eve. Whether you are a twenty-something at heart or trying to figure out a DIY costume for a college party, here is a list of Halloween costume ideas made just for you.

1 Deer

Got some sticks laying around and a sturdy headband? Then whip up some antlers. You can always buy some too. The makeup for this costume is also fairly easy – just use some black to contour and dot your nose.

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Wear a brown shirt and pin or stitch a white circle to the torso.

2 Austin Powers Fembot

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No, you do not need to blow smoke out of your jubblies, though that would be pretty cool. All you need for a Fembot costume is a silvery bikini top covered in studs (you can glue those one), silver booty shorts, boots, and beehive-shaped blonde locks. Or simply wear cute little pink dress.

3 Mona Lisa

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Have an empty frame that you won’t mind carrying around, some dark clothing, and a long brown hair (or a wig)?

Then all you really need to worry about is putting some skin tone makeup over your eyebrows to make yourself a picture perfect Mona Lisa.

4 Picasso

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And for the gents, why not consider a Picasso self-portrait to complete your empty frame?

If you are artistic, then you can show off your skills by using some face paint or makeup to recreate the iconic cubism portrait or the 1972 picture.

5 Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem

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If you got a squad with some major Halloween goals, then this is the something to consider. Especially if you love The Muppets or play instruments. Of course, this also calls for some badass roleplaying.

You’ll need people to fill the spots of Dr. Teeth, Janice, Animal, Zoot, Lips, and Sgt. Floyd Pepper. Prepare the face paint and wigs! Can you dig it?

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6 Couple in Black

For this, you and your partner will need some black suits, a black tie, black sunglasses, and some fancy pens to point at people’s faces. Oh, and some silver-colored nerf guns would add an interesting twist. Or, just wear any black costumes you both have. If you have a dog, you can always dress Fido up like an alien.

7 Black and White Movie Characters

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This does not take much work if the two of you have some monochromatic clothing and do not mind slathering yourselves in gray-colored paint. Going solo? You could always be Charlie Chaplin.

8 Patti Mayonnaise

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Remember the awesome cartoon known as Doug? If you do, then you know that becoming Patti Mayonnaise is easy. Glue or pin some pink dots to a blue, long-sleeved shirt, wear a navy skirt, some white ankle socks, and a fluffy yellow wig.

9 Harley Quinn

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Thankfully, with the surge of Suicide Squad memorabilia and other Harley Quinn cosplay items out there, dressing up as this villainous vixen is pretty effortless. You can even blend elements from several of her representations throughout the years. Don’t forget your baseball bat or oversized mallet.

10 The Joker

Why so serious? Male or female, the Joker is inside everyone. Again, you can easily become the Joker by donning a purple coat and dying your hair any shade of green desirable. So which Joker will you be?

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11 Misty or Ash from Pokemon

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Pokemon Go has brought back one of my childhood memories. Show your Pokemon training spirit by either donning a yellow shirt, red suspenders and red high-tops or wearing a baseball cap, a white shirt with blue vest, and jeans. Bonus points if you have a Togepi or Pikachu stuffed animal to carry around.

12. Mario or Luigi

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There is no shortage of Mario and Luigi costumes out there. Men, women, children, and even pets love donning the classic uniform of these favorite Nintendo heroes. If you have a green or red shirt, some overalls, a hat to pin an L or M to, and a fake moustache, you have yourself the making of a Mario or Luigi costume.

13 Unicorn

A white bodysuit or leotard, some white tights, matching heels or flats, glitter, and a horn. You don’t need much to look like a unicorn. But have you got that unicorn magic?

14 Medusa

You do not need to wear a toga for this one unless you want to. Simply braid some plastic snakes into your hair and wear some accessories befitting Ancient Greece. If you have Gladiator sandals, those would make a nice touch to this costume.

15 A Child of the Forest from Game of Thrones

Although any nymph or fairy get-up might do, since a Game of Thrones is trending right now, you can find all kinds of inspiration online for make-up. Similar to the Medusa hairstyle, you can weave some leaves and flowers into your braids, tying up the tresses like vines. Do your make-up to look like bark, wear some camo-colored clothing, and add some leaves and vines (green rope) to complete the look.

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Now that you know some of the best Halloween costume ideas for twenty somethings, do you already know which one you will wear on October 31? You see, the costume possibilities are endless.