10 Dazzling Halloween Lip Art Ideas

Oct 16, 2018

Halloween is coming up fast, the pumpkins are out, the cobwebs are spread, and the haunted houses are popping up faster than you can say “boo!” But are your truly ready for the spooky holiday? Your outfit is planned and set, but what about your Halloween makeup?

Don’t you want to take it one step further this year? One way you can step it up is with your lips – and no, I’m not just talking slapping on some black lipstick, I am talking about lip art. Check out some of the most dazzling lip art ideas to inspire yourself this Halloween season.

1 Boldly Batty

These Halloween lips are amazing. Not only are they creepy, but look at the detail! Black will go with any outfit you have planned, and the crisp, clean lines will make any girl envious of your artistic skills.

2 Lovely Lightining

If you thought the last lips were detailed, take a gander at this striking art – everything about this lip art is on point. If you feel you have a steady enough hand for this, I say go for it, girl.

3 Staggering Superhero

Do I even have to comment on how utterly cool these are? If you are going as Batgirl, um, hello? Perfection in one photo. Plus, the black and yellow combo has always been a great choice for Halloween lip art.

4 Stunning Spider

These Halloween lips really speak for themselves. The color, the clean lines, the cobwebs – everything about this lip art is stunning. If you are going as Spider Woman, definitely take your time and create this masterpiece to make your Halloween outfit that much better.

5 Magical mermaid

As we all know, mermaids are everything, and everywhere. Put mermaids and sparkles together? Well, that’s just asking for compliments. This lip art is not only simple but truly beautiful and dazzling.

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6 Over the Top Hombre

If you are looking for something a little easier to do, go for over the top hombre. Combining bold colors with a metallic lip art is bound to get you some glances. Everyone’s eyes will be on your lips this Halloween.

7 Zealous Zombie

If you are not as steady with your hand, or just do not have time for the complicated art above, go for something simple like glitter. If you are a zombie, this lip art is perfect for you, if not you can mix up the colors to match whatever you are going to wear.

8 Gorgeous Geometrics

If you want a design, but want it inside the lines, go for geometric patterns. You can make it complex and cute, or simple and striped, either way, you will look fabulous. Feel free to experiment with this lip art. The sky is the limit here.

9 Bold Blues

If you want to go bold – and I really mean bold – go for a more artistic look like this. Why should your art just stay on your lips? Go as far and as wide as you want, go crazy with color, but most of all, have fun with it.

10 Monster Mike

Speaking of coloring outside the lines, here is a great example of such creativity. Draw your favorite Disney character on your lips, why not? If you are hungry for Halloween fun, this is where it is at.

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These are all the lip art ideas I have for you now, so pick one or just draw inspiration, and paint your lips fearlessly this Halloween. Your Halloween lips will definitely be noticed. Have you already chosen your look for Halloween? Any ideas to share?