10 Halloween Makeup Ideas for Kids

The spookiest night of the year will soon be upon us. Have your kids already decided what they would like to become on Halloween? Though they might have their costumes all ready, do they have the spooky, ghoulish, or ghastly face to match?

Nothing brings a look together like deftly done makeup. To transform your kids into the little terrors you know they really are, here are some cool Halloween makeup ideas that are perfect for parents and children alike:

1 Vampire

Ready to transform your child into an adorable bloodsucker? Here is how: make sure their face is pale. The paler, the better. Then smudge some purple eyeshadow around the lower lid and black on the upper lid. Sharpen the eyebrows using a black pencil.

You can even paint over the real brows if you want then redraw them for a more Dracula-esque image. Lastly, take some red stick to create some blood red lips. Don’t forget the plastic fangs. If your child wants a widow’s peak, you can slick their hair back then draw the hairline with some eyeliner.