10 Halloween Makeup Ideas for Kids

The spookiest night of the year will soon be upon us. Have your kids already decided what they would like to become on Halloween? Though they might have their costumes all ready, do they have the spooky, ghoulish, or ghastly face to match?

Nothing brings a look together like deftly done makeup. To transform your kids into the little terrors you know they really are, here are some cool Halloween makeup ideas that are perfect for parents and children alike:

1 Vampire

Ready to transform your child into an adorable bloodsucker? Here is how: make sure their face is pale. The paler, the better. Then smudge some purple eyeshadow around the lower lid and black on the upper lid. Sharpen the eyebrows using a black pencil.

You can even paint over the real brows if you want then redraw them for a more Dracula-esque image. Lastly, take some red stick to create some blood red lips. Don’t forget the plastic fangs. If your child wants a widow’s peak, you can slick their hair back then draw the hairline with some eyeliner.

2 Frankenstein

Basically, you are going to need a lot of green makeup to cover your child’s face. Whether they want their hair slicked back flat or wild and crazy depends on them. I mean, with so many Frankenstein monster renditions out there, you can really let creativity take the wheel. Anyway, the basic design is green face, blackened eyes, and scars and stitches painted with black eyeliner all over the place.

3 Witch

Every child wants to be a witch at least once. Some of them want to be a pretty witch like Glinda. Others want the warts and bushy eyebrows. A staple, though, is the green face and black eyeliner to create deep wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.

The warts are optional, but if you do need them, make sure your child is not allergic to the materials in both the glue and the warts. You can add little details like little hairs on the warts too just with a few strokes of liquid eyeliner. Black lipstick also goes well with this look.

4 Skeleton

Depending on your makeup prowess, you can really bring magic to a skeleton design. Whether your child is going as a sinister wraith or wants to look more like Jack Skellington, there are a plethora of tutorials you can find on Youtube about it. The usual supplies include white paint for the face, black around the eyes, nostrils, and mouth. If you are looking for a full skeleton look, add a white skullcap to the outfit.

5 Pirate

Though this does not call for a lot of face paint, you can apply facial hair or use face paint to make scars, stitches, or even eye patches. Darken eyebrows, too, to add some sternness your kid’s face. For a more corsair look, you can add a mustache or goatee using some black face paint.

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6 Superhero

This is a simple design, but it does add a nice effect to a Wonder Woman or Captain America outfit. Basically, you choose the face paint or eyeshadow that matches the main color of the superhero costume. Then, you create the “mask” that goes over the eyes by covering the skin from eyebrows to slightly behind the eyes, over the bridge of the nose and towards the ears in said color. If you want to get fancy, you can add details with eyeliner pencil, glitter, sequins, and other elements. Kids might also like this idea for masquerade masks and the like.

7 Anime girl or boy

So, this is a fun idea if your child wants to be an anime character. Since there is no way you can make their eyes as large as they are in the cartoon, you do this instead: have them close their eyes and paint eyes over their eyebrows and eyelids.

That way, when they shut their eyes, the make up eyes are staring back at you. From there, you paint on eyebrows near the hairline. Add some detail to the face, like rouged cheeks, breaking porcelain, or create some BRATZ doll lips. This can also be converted to a fairy or My Little Pony!

8 Lizard

The lizard makeup uses the same element as the Anime Girl or Boy idea by painting the lizard’s eyes over the closed eyelids. This means your kid does not have to don potentially ill-fitting cosmetic contacts. You can choose the colors of the scales your want the lizard to have, too.

From there, take some fishnet or mesh and paint over the mesh to create the scaled pattern on the skin. You can add some black lines around the brows and along the nose to give the illusion of the snake’s or lizard’s long snout. Paint snake fangs on either side of the lips. Do not forget the pink forked tongue either!

9 Killer clown

Though regular clown face paint is scary enough, let’s say your teenager wants to be as vicious as they usually are… This killer clown features Dark Knight Joker like scars extending from the corners of the mouth painted in jagged, blood red and black liner.

The nose looks like it has been ripped off, so you might want a latex piece for that or you can merely paint it black and red. Paint over the brows with white then repaint crazy looking eyebrows over that. As for the eyes, you can use whatever color you want, but you can never go wrong with artistically smudged black.

10 Pop Art

This looks difficult, but you can find a tutorial on Youtube that explains how to do it perfectly. You need to outline the lines of your child’s face with a thick black line. This typically goes along the jaw line, under the cheekbones, down the nose, and around the hairline.

Then you add those characteristic big red dots. Add a funky eyeshadow color, like purple or blue, make the lips look extra shiny, and boom! Your child is now pop art.

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These are simple to complete but look amazing when done. Your kids will thank you for making their faces as nightmarish or beautiful as their costume calls for. Plus, you’ll learn some skills for doing your own makeup too! Happy Halloween