10 Last-Minute Halloween Party Ideas

Apr 16, 2016

Are you planning to make your Halloween party extra special this year? The best way to ensure that your guests are impressed is to come up with a cool idea and execute it well. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend tons of money and time to have a spooky and memorable Halloween party. Parties are all about fun, not money, so even if you are a student who are short in cash, you can still host an awesome Halloween party. Here are a few great ideas to make your party pop.

1 Cupcake bar

If you don’t have time to decorate your creepy Halloween cupcakes, try out this idea. Set up a bar where all the guests have access to small bowls of sprinkles, disposable icing bags filled with icing and assorted decorations. Everyone can choose their own cupcake and decorate it themselves. Or, you can organize a little contest and ask a few of your guests to decorate the creepiest cupcakes. You will entertain your guests and have your Halloween cupcakes decorated at the same time.

2 Pumpkin bowling

Save on bowling this holiday season. Let guests choose from a selection of pumpkins to use as bowling balls. The pins can be regular pins with ghostly faces added, or you can use rolls of toilet paper decorated with black paper cutouts to look like ghosts. Keep things simple and let one person bowl at a time.

3 Poison candy

As favors for the Halloween party, get some small bottles that look like potion bottles. Fill the bottles up with Pop Rocks candy. You can choose any color you want, but green is a nice poisonous-looking color. Once you’ve filled your bottles, print out poison labels and glue them to the bottles to give out. This is the last minute Halloween treat that you can make in a matter of an hour.

4 Pumpkin ice bowl

Cut the top few inches off of a large pumpkin and hollow it out. The next step is to fill the pumpkin up with ice and stick cold drinks in it for your guests to grab. If you want to decorate the pumpkin, use paint or a marker to avoid cutting holes in it. You can also use a pumpkin bowl for other creepy snacks, soups or candies.

5 Cocktail test tubes

Mix up a blood red cocktail and pour it into test tubes. Stopper them up to avoid spills and keep them in a beaker of ice or in a test tube holder. For adults, the mixture can be alcoholic, but there’s no reason you can’t use juice for the children. Just be sure to label the tubes if you are serving both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

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6 Bloody drinks

Serve up glasses of Sprite or 7-Up with a syringe (needle removed, of course) of grenadine syrup. Guests can inject the liquid into their drinks to add flavor and color. Try using different types of syrup to create different effects. For adults, you can add some alcohol. Add small plastic spiders to your drinks for a scarier effect.

7 Party pictures

Set up a simple backdrop by getting a printer to print a large image that can be stuck to the wall. Set up a bin with props to one side. The bin could contain wigs, hats, tools or doctor’s instruments, etc. Have guests pose alone or together in front of the backdrop and take photos of them. You can later print out the best ones and send them to your guests.

8 Creepy balloons

Do you need some last-minute decoration ideas? Grab some white, orange and green helium balloons and use a black Sharpie to draw ghost, pumpkin or zombie faces on them. Let the balloons float around the room or tie them to the furniture to keep them in one place.

9 Paper lantern pumpkins

Simple round paper lanterns can quickly become party décor if you choose orange ones. Just add a paper leaf or two and a pipe cleaner stem. Hang the newly decorated lanterns from the ceiling to enjoy a tranquil atmosphere. If you have kids, ask them to make their own paper lantern pumpkins. It’s a cheap yet beautiful Halloween decoration that anyone can make.

10 Spider ice cubes

Make ice cubes as usual, but drop a plastic spider or other creepy crawly into each cube before freezing. For the part, add the spider cubes to each drink and see who screams the loudest when they find a spider in their beverage. You can do the spider ice cubes the last moment so don’t worry you have enough time. Red spider ice cubes are a great option too.

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The ideas given here are just to jumpstart your party planning. Use your imagination and think up new ways to present traditional things like goody bags, food and games. You might be surprised at what you come up with. Remember, your Halloween party doesn’t have to be expensive, it has to be fun and memorable. What other budget-friendly Halloween party ideas do you want to share with us?