Monster Mouths, Anyone? 8 Ridiculously Spooky Halloween Treats

Nov 4, 2015

Instead of going for store-bought Halloween treats that are harmful to kids and adults alike, take a few minutes to make your own creepy snacks that your whole family will love. These treats are perfect for when the sugar craving strikes out of the blue or when you and your hubby want to enjoy some spooky cocktail. Anyway, they are perfect for everyone. Your little goblins or big ones (I mean friends!) will love eating these spooky Halloween treats for lunch as well. Check out 8 ridiculously spooky Halloween treats that are easy to make and amazingly delicious.

1 Pumpkin cheese balls

Grate your favorite cheese, hard-boiled eggs, tomato or boiled carrot (for color) and a few garlic cloves. Mix together and roll into small balls. Decorate with olives and herbs to create little spooky pumpkins. If you don’t eat cheese, you can use rice instead. Or, create little vegetables balls to make sure your little ones consume enough vitamins this fall season.

2 Halloween cookies

Halloween cookies come in different shapes, sizes and colors. From pumpkins, ghosts, owls, skulls and bones to witches’ hats, bats, spiders and black cats, there are a host of Halloween cookies that you can make today or for your Halloween party. It may take a bit more time to make the spookiest cookies, but it’s well worth it.

3 Monster mouths

These green monster mouths are super healthy and tasty, not to mention that they are diet-friendly. All you need to have to make these monster mouths is green apples, peanut butter, and yogurt covered raisins (or mini marshmallows or almond slivers.) You can also use red food coloring to make bloody monster mouths. Yuck!

4 Bloody drinks

Bloody drinks don’t necessarily have to be alcoholic. We all love Bloody Mary, but this beverage isn’t for kids. Make some tomato smoothie or combine orange juice, cranberry juice, softened raspberry sorbet, and seltzer together to get a healthy, kid-friendly bloody cocktail. Or use red wine instead of sorbet to make alcoholic beverage for your friends.

5 Halloween pie

It can be any pie you like – be it an apple pie, a berry pie or a pumpkin pie. The trick is to decorate your pie so that no one can guess that it’s a simple and ordinary pie that they eat during the summer and fall seasons. Pumpkin, ghost, black cat, monster and bat are just a few ideas to consider.

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6 Marshmallow pumpkins

Although marshmallow pumpkins don’t look creepy, they taste amazing, especially in hot cocoa or bloody drink. Grab some white marshmallows (or any color you’ll find), heat the edges and fuse them together to create little pumpkins. Use food coloring and syrups to decorate your marshmallow pumpkins or let your little ones to do this job for you.

7 Green monsters

Get your kids to eat spinach this Halloween by making delicious green monsters. This treat is ideal for breakfast or Sunday brunch. Make a few green spinach crepes, decorate them however you like, and serve with a bloody drink. You can stuff your green crepes with jelly worms to surprise your little ones.

8 Halloween cupcakes

No Halloween party is complete without devilishly and ridiculously decorated cupcakes. Halloween cupcakes don’t take a lot of time to make them, but they do take a lot of time to decorate them. Last year, everyone had trouble eating my Halloween cupcakes because, as my friends and family said, they were too cute to eat them.

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Stop paying heaps for Halloween treats that can ruin your health. This year, consider making your own cookies and drinks to impress your family and friends, or even yourself. There are many ideas and recipes to try out and you probably have many Halloween ideas too. What Halloween treats do you make each October? Share your spookiest ideas with us please.