Monster Mouths, Anyone? 8 Ridiculously Spooky Halloween Treats

Oct 6, 2015

Instead of going for store-bought Halloween treats that are harmful to kids and adults alike, take a few minutes to make your own creepy snacks that your whole family will love. These treats are perfect for when the sugar craving strikes out of the blue or when you and your hubby want to enjoy some spooky cocktail. Anyway, they are perfect for everyone. Your little goblins or big ones (I mean friends!) will love eating these spooky Halloween treats for lunch as well. Check out 8 ridiculously spooky Halloween treats that are easy to make and amazingly delicious.

1 Pumpkin cheese balls

Grate your favorite cheese, hard-boiled eggs, tomato or boiled carrot (for color) and a few garlic cloves. Mix together and roll into small balls. Decorate with olives and herbs to create little spooky pumpkins. If you don’t eat cheese, you can use rice instead. Or, create little vegetables balls to make sure your little ones consume enough vitamins this fall season.