7 Ideas for an Unforgettable Friendsgiving Party

Nov 16, 2016

Every Thanksgiving season, friends all over the world come together to celebrate the holiday with food, drinks, and no creepy uncle or family drama – otherwise known as Friendsgiving! It is the perfect excuse to gather all of your closest friends, get dressed up and eat and drink until the wee hours of the morning while celebrating the bonds that tie you together.

Instead of stressing over how to throw the best party on the block, I have seven tips on how to have a blast without all of the hustle and bustle that can leave you frazzled instead of festive.

1 Make it an all-day affair

Instead of cooking alone at your house, get everyone together for a cooking party. Obviously, you will have to share the cooking space and oven, but it is much more fun to cook for a crowd while in a crowd.

2 Have a potluck

Please, please, please do not try to cook the entire meal for all of your friends all on your own. Instead, have everyone sign up to bring their favorite dish and/or dessert. With everyone pitching in, no one is slaving away all day and everyone gets to feast like a king.

3 Take it outside

Who says you have to stuff everyone into a tiny apartment or a dining room? Why not set up a few tables outside and dine under the trees and clouds? If your yard is not big enough, check out your local parks to see if they have an area that would work. Make sure you bring blankets and bug spray to ward off any unwanted guests.

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4 Channel your inner Martha

Now is a great time to break out your glue gun and get crafty. A little bit of DIY decor can make a huge difference to your table and the overall feel of the meal. Light some candles, scatter some mini pumpkins and leaves and make cute place cards at each table setting.

5 Pour some drinks

Of course, you want to have some beer and wine on hand but why not have a signature cocktail for the evening? But do not stop there, make a hot spiced cider to go with the chill in the air or a hot toddy. Your house will smell great and your guests will feel pretty great, too.

6 Fill the air

Speaking of smells, make sure that the air in your home is full of festive aromas. Think pumpkins, apples, vanilla… the right smells can set the tone for the whole party so get some seasonal candles burning that will put everyone in the right mood as soon as they step through the door.

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7 Give a toast and plenty of thanks

Once everyone is gathered around the table, take a moment to give a heartfelt toast letting your friends know how much they mean to you and why they are so important to you in life. Then go around the table and let everyone say what they’re thankful for. This tradition puts everyone in the right mindset for being thankful for the many things we’re blessed with.

If you are tired of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, consider celebrating Friendsgiving. It is a lot funnier and budget-friendlier. You do not have to forget about your family, though. Why not have two parties on one day?