7 Thanksgiving Ideas for Lonely Girls

Nov 19, 2015

The holiday season brings families and friends together. While you can celebrate Christmas and New Year with your friends, Thanksgiving is a family holiday, which means all of your friends will be busy with festive dinners at home. Lonely people hate the holiday season and it’s no wonder why. We all focus on family gatherings, forgetting about those who don’t have anyone. If you have no home and no family, Thanksgiving is probably the worst holiday for you. The only thing you do is feel sorry for yourself.

This Thanksgiving, change your habits and learn how to enjoy a family holiday without family. Getting drunk and one person partying are horrible options. Sitting, crying and watching TV will make you fall into a funk. Ditch loneliness and try out some of these amazing Thanksgiving ideas for lonely girls. Lonely guys may love them too, by the way.

1 Share your Thanksgiving dinner with lonely kids

There are so many children who have no parents and who feel lonely on Thanksgiving just like you. If you can cook and you can afford to make some tasty kid-friendly meals, why not spend your Thanksgiving day in a local orphanage? You won’t feel bored and lonely during the day and you will experience a true spirit of togetherness.

2 Adopt a furry friend

If you’ve been lonely for a while and you want to have a loyal friend, consider adopting a cat or a dog, or any other pet you like on Thanksgiving. This way, you will be busy with your pet and won’t notice that you have no one to celebrate the holiday season is. Not only will you be happier on Thanksgiving, you will be happy for many years to come.

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3 Volunteer at a food bank or kitchen

Volunteers make this world kinder and happier, but the problem is there are few people who are ready to spend a few hours helping others. Everyone has their own errands or they’re simply selfish. Volunteering will make you feel needed. You will realize that you are not alone. Many people and animals need your help. On Thanksgiving, start a habit of feeding homeless people and animals. Even if they won’t tell you ‘thank you,’ you will know that animal won’t die because of hunger.

4 Create your wish list for 2016

After spending a day with kids or volunteering, now you have some free time before midnight. Take full advantage of that time and make plans for the new year. Set goals and think of the ways to achieve them. Write down everything you want to experience, try and do in 2016. Make sure you set realistic goals. Creating a vision board is a great idea too.

5 Enjoy a movie marathon

There are shows and movies that it’s best to watch alone. Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a movie marathon to the fullest. No one will disturb you and steal your favorite food. You won’t miss the tiniest details because of someone’s moaning or laughing. Plus, no one will tell you that your favorite movie is just a waste of time.

6 Relax

The holiday season is stressful and getting together with family isn’t fun. Shopping, lack of money, cooking, cleaning, trying to please every family member, and listening to their complaints can drive anyone crazy. You’re lucky enough to avoid all those problems so use the holiday to unwind and nourish your body and mind. Do whatever makes you feel calm so that you wake up happy and full of energy the next day.

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7 Start writing

Probably your life isn’t all flowers and sunshine and you’ve encountered different situations. Putting feelings into words is one of the best ways to get rid of negative thoughts, forgive yourself and others and start a new life. Start journaling or share your feelings online. You can write about your life, job, problems and whatever makes you feel depressed. You don’t necessarily have to start a blog, there are many websites for women that allow their readers to post their own articles. Besides, Womanitely is no exception. Writing has many benefits and it might become your new hobby.

Thanksgiving isn’t a reason for feeling depressed. Just because you have no one to celebrate the holiday with doesn’t mean you’re not important. You have plenty of other things to do instead of worrying how to host a family dinner and please everyone. Decorate your house for the holiday season, spread positivity and kindness and share your love with those who lack it. You will see that you are actually not alone. Do you already have any plans for this Thanksgiving?