9 Gifts for Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 20, 2019

For instance, let us consider Thanksgiving at your own house is a big hassle and equivalent to having to catch fish with your mouth. Even if that is actually true then imagine how it would be to go shopping to your significant other’s place! That should be a fun-filled activity much similar to unplugging a few out-of-control electric wires with your mouth.

Jokes apart, if you do not go their empty-handed, you have a good chance of making it through victoriously! So I have compiled for you a list of gifts for Thanksgiving dinner that you can take along to save you that rant about how you sucked last year and what particular mistakes you made!

1 Dessert

So it does not matter even if you have the most schizophrenic mother-in-law ever, because if you are entering the house with a specially prepared pumpkin pie with the whipped cream dressing and what, not only will she gratefully added to her specially prepared menu, she will also spare you the constant chatter that makes the whole gathering focus only on you.

As long as what you bring causes the eaters to have a mouth euphoria and does not consist of sheep innards, you shall do quite well. That is a written guarantee!

2 Bread

Please remember that I am talking about taking a present for Thanksgiving and also keep in mind that you are not going to the breakfast invitation to the house of Cinderella’s mice, so do not mistake my suggestion to mean that you taking along wonder bread is a good idea!

I am pretty serious about this, if you do not have the nerve or the expertise to bake you very own (which can be of loads of different flavors and takes an hour at max to bake), go to the best bakers in town and ask them to give you one. Do request them to give you one that is suitable for Thanksgiving!

3 Gifts for pets or kids or both

So if there is anything that one should learn and remember from history is this tiny little important fact that if a person (any person) pays attention to a person’s pets or kids, they immediately SCORE and score big! So what you can do is you can find out what pets they have around and then maybe you can take a hand-made sweater to the little puffy tabby cat, or if you know toddlers would be around, you can take stuff for them too!

Also, a few tricks will add to the pleasure because when you entertain the toddler with handkerchief chickens that you make, the parents will adore you! Why? For the simple reason that you distracted their little one for even a little time, they are grateful!

4 Coffee

So when I suggest that you can take coffee as a present for Thanksgiving I certainly do not mean that you take Starbucks coffee like a miser. What you need to do if you want to please and nothing else, you need to go down to the best coffee-house in town and order their special brew. What happens is that people actually do feel special when you go that extra mile to make them feel so!

Also, do keep in mind that a LOT of people do not have coffee grinders in their house, and thus you would want to have the freshly ground coffee put into a fresh bag and take it along! Bringing premium coffee is something that is overlooked and is a rare and very meticulous quality that will surely earn you huge points, which I believe is always a blessing!

5 Fall bouquet

You must be wondering how a fall bouquet is supposed to bring you praises. Well, see the thing is that it always pays off to be prepared. Let us again imagine the scenario where you are going to your mothers-in-law for Thanksgiving and being the perfect mom-wife-mother-in-law that she is, she will already have the perfect centerpiece, but then again!

Ask your significant other if she will or will not and prepare accordingly. In case, she is one to already have a centerpiece, take along something that will accentuate it, if not, take a bouquet that is set in a pumpkin or a beautiful vase to earn humongous points that will not go down the drain as the evening progresses. You would want to thank me soon!

6 Wine charms

Has it ever happened that you accidentally drank from the glass of that grandma that hears very loud and she shouted at the top of throat about the fact that you have just drowned down her glass of Merlot! Well be prepared and be proactive by taking along a few wine charms.

Although most households do have pretty nice ones already, another set never hurts anyone. Plus, it would also give them a chance to think about you when you are not around!

7 Games

As far as games at Thanksgiving go, you always have the option of Monopoly, but if you really want to score some awesome points you can bring along the DVD games, which are in season and most searched for during the Thanksgiving season! Or you can write-up your own games which can include the famous ten-question game or something of a similar sort, the winner can get a present!

After the kids have gone to sleep, you can also bring out your poker chips and practice your skills, be sure to let the man of the house win, though – you need the points, don’t you?

8 Capture the moments

Who does not like to collect memories of their favorite holidays? Everyone right? Well not everyone likes to take the responsibility to document the cherished moments and freeze them in time so you might as well be the gentleman or the gentlewoman of the evening and take the responsibility in your own hands!

What would be more impressive than you handing out the pictures to everyone the next time you gather around or be the first one to add them on Facebook and then tag everyone in them! It a great to turn the positive energy towards yourself especially if you have a few good shots of all the important people!

9 Booze

The last but certainly not the last to win hearts all around would be to do a little digging and find out exactly hat people favor as their one and only drink. Surprise the lot by showing up with their favorite drink. Or you can also bring a few six-packs of the most in-demand beer and a few good bottles of red and white wine to make yourself the guest of the evening. You will find people relaxing around you and actually telling you family secrets once they find out that you are a drinking partner!

Don’t thank me too soon, and try one of these out. It will surely perk up your evening and hopefully your entire life (the in-laws remember).