4 Important Skills to Improve This Thanksgiving

Sep 21, 2017

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of family, food, and gratefulness. While this sounds wonderful in theory, many people often find the day to be stressful and unenjoyable. You might overeat, argue with relatives, and watch too much football.

Then, you feel terrible and tired the next day. Here are some changes you can make so that you feel happier and healthier this Thanksgiving. Improve these skills now to take an advantage of them down the road.

1 Gratitude

“Thanks” is in the title of the holiday, but many people do not feel gratitude during the day. Noticing the positive aspects of your holiday might be difficult, but it is possible. Yes, they may be slightly hard to find, but they are there.

Pay attention to what goes right instead of what is going wrong. Even if it is something small, notice and be grateful. You can start a list of what you are grateful for and look on it throughout the day when you begin to feel overwhelmed.

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2 Giving back

Many homeless shelters, nursing homes, and churches offer chances to serve on Thanksgiving Day. Before you chow down with your family, head out to help those who are less fortunate. Focusing on others who are in need can help put your own situation in perspective.

Your annoying aunt and obnoxious cousins might not seem so bad after you finish serving meals to those in need. You could even bring those relatives with you so they can get in on the action of good deeds. It might not help their attitude, but it will definitely help yours.

3 Running

Turkey Trots are one of the most popular races offered throughout the year. Races provide a new level of excitement that a regular run does not. Find some friends or family members to race with or enjoy the activity solo for some much needed quiet time. You will finish the race with a shot of adrenaline and you can carry the runner’s high into the day. This will help you feel happier as you deal with family drama.

4 Eating

Do not overeat. This is easy to say, but hard to do. However, gorging yourself on Thanksgiving food is not required for the holiday. Pay attention to what is on your plate. Savor the food you eat and only eat what you actually like.

If you have to eat certain foods to appease a family member, try to get the smallest portion possible. Wait before you go back for seconds. Are you really hungry? Or just running on autopilot? Feel free to indulge in dessert but again, focus on what foods you really enjoy and savor them instead of gobbling them down. Isn’t Thanksgiving a great opportunity to improve your eating habits?

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As Thanksgiving approaches, you may feel your stress level rise but using the tips above will help you navigate the day with ease. Remember to be patient with yourself and your family. If you lose your temper or eat three pieces of pie, it is okay. Take a step back, breathe deeply, and move on. You can enjoy the rest of the day and have the best Thanksgiving yet.