7 Creative Ways to Give Thanks This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is around the corner and most people already anticipate gathering with their kinsfolk, hustle and bustle of holiday trips and plenty of delicious food. Thanksgiving is also a time to be grateful for everything you have in life. It’s time for people to remember that they shouldn’t take things for granted. Gratitude helps us to see how blessed and happy we are. You can think up numerous ways to express your gratitude without saying ‘Thank you’ at all. Apart from traditional expression of gratitude during a family dinner, there are much more creative ways to give thanks this Thanksgiving.

1 Do a good deed and volunteer

While most of us consider family the most important part of Thanksgiving, let’s not forget about those who are around us and who need some attention as well. Doing a good deed and giving your time and attention for free is the best way to express gratitude on Thanksgiving. Consider visiting a hospital or an animal shelter with your kids. When going to the hospital prepare some gifts, treats or toys (especially if you’re visiting a children’s hospital.) These small yet heartwarming presents will surely encourage those who cannot be with their families on this day. If possible, donate to the local church or charitable organization. Preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for a poor family is also a great way to express your gratitude on this day.

2 Treat people to dinner

You’re lucky if you expect a big family to come to your Thanksgiving dinner, with whom you can share happiness and togetherness. Many people, however, will be alone on this day. If you know that your aged neighbor or a friend has nobody to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, welcome them to join your family dinner. Nothing can make people happier than a sense of fellowship, company and togetherness. Your guests will definitely appreciate your invitation.

3 Create a thankful atmosphere

Create a thankful atmosphere by decorating your home with lovely crafts. A broad platter filled with fruits, nuts, greenery and cones will make a great centerpiece and embellishment of your festive table. Incorporate organic elements such as twigs, stones, leaves and acorns into your decorations and express gratitude for the gifts of nature. Use scrapbooking paper to make Thanksgiving cards and ask your guests to put down the things they are grateful for. Garlands, candles and notes with wishes and words of appreciation written on them are also a great way to encourage your family to be thankful.

4 Share your Thanksgiving memories

Thanksgiving dinner prayer and personal words of gratitude from each family member are usually an integral part of Thanksgiving celebration. However, you can change the tradition to give thanks. Ask your guests to share their warmest Thanksgiving memories and family stories.

You can also teach your children thankfulness and the roots of this holiday by reading Thanksgiving stories. Thanksgiving stories will remind everyone that this holiday is not only about tasting food and enjoying sports, but it’s also about human helpfulness and sympathy. Even though books about Thanksgiving are designed for kids, they would be rather instructive and interesting for family members of all ages.

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5 Create a Thanksgiving tree

Being a lovely decorative item, a Thanksgiving tree is another great way to give thanks to your family and friends. Creating a tree of thanks can be a captivating and fun activity for the whole family. Cut out a big tree and a plenty of cardboard leaves of red, orange and yellow colors. Place it in the center of a room and encourage your guests to put down their thanks and wishes on the leaves and tie them up throughout the day. In the evening, when the tree will be covered with heartwarming notes, you can read them all.

6 Write a handwritten letter to your friend

Could you remember the last time you wrote a letter to your friend? I mean a real letter that you write using a paper and ink. Handwritten letters are out-of-date thing now, but I still believe that it’s the most precious way to show your appreciation and love. It takes you some time to find a beautiful piece of paper, pick up the necessary words and put them down accurately. Your handwriting reveals your mood and attitude to the receiver. Definitely, a person makes great efforts to write a letter; therefore handwritten letters are much more valuable and significant than print words. Mails and calls are also a good way to give thanks to your friends and kinsfolk on Thanksgiving, but writing a handwritten latter would be utterly unexpected and unique way to express your gratitude to your nearest and dearest.

7 Appreciate small things

A strong hug, a gentle kiss or a kind word can express your gratefulness better than expensive gifts. On Thanksgiving Day you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to cuddle up to your in-laws and friends or give complements to your guests. Everybody, from a baby to an old person, loves and needs to be hugged. Hugging is what you really can do to express your affection, honor and gratitude. Hugs and kisses are the best way to make your nearest and dearest happy and delight this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a great time to share kindness, thankfulness and appreciation. Get all your family members involved in doing something good this day, and teach your little ones to be well-wishing and gracious. Remember, Thanksgiving Day is a good time to say ‘thank you’ to everyone you know.