Why and How I Appreciate My Parents

Oct 13, 2014

From time to time sentimental thoughts about my parents cannot leave my mind. My life is so busy that I can hardly find a free minute to call up my mom or dad and just talk to them. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that I tend to think more about money, everyday problems, new perspectives and opportunities. Consequently, I forget about the most sacred part of my life. I’m not the only one who has faced such a problem. When I was a bit younger, I couldn’t understand and realize how much I loved my parents. I couldn’t communicate with them freely due to the generation gap. It seemed to me that we lived in different worlds and I thought they would never understand me. I was mistaken.

Only now I admit that life isn’t an easy thing, but my parents have always been kind and devoted to me. Although, sometimes they didn’t have an opportunity to give me everything in life, they did their best to grow up an all-rounded and good daughter. Whenever I’ll go and no matter how rich or poor I can be, I promise to myself that I’ll never forget about my parental house, because it’s the marina of my soul.

Parents will always be with me in sickness and in health

I’ve noticed that I’m just a small screw in the society. People need me when we are united by a common interest or purpose. If I fall ill or become disabled for some reason, I think they’ll forget about me instantly. They can just find those who are ready to run the race again. I’m sure that only my dearest and nearest people will be with me in moments of failure. My mom often gives an advice, trying to console and comfort me. My dad is always ready to lend his shoulder to me, if I get into a trouble.

It’s wonderful to know that there’re people in this world who will never turn their backs on me and my life. Love between parent and children is the most sincere and pure one. They love me and look forward to my call, regardless of my financial and social status.

They sincerely rejoice at my happiness

Unfortunately, today I meet less and less people who can be glad for my sake. On the contrary, many people tend to envy and gloat over another’s misfortune. It seems that this negative quality helps them feed their sense of self-importance and vanity.

When I succeed in something or plan to do some actions, I share my ideas and feelings with my parents, because I’m sure that envy is irrelevant in our relationship. If I hesitate whether to do something or not, my dad will always give a valuable advice on how to act in one or another situation. Parental house is maybe the only place in the world, where I can feel myself free and act naturally, because I know that my dearest and nearest will never blame or criticize me for my behaviors, words and weaknesses.

I’m grateful to my parents

I’m grateful to my parents for everything they’ve done for me. They’ve devoted the best and the most productive years of their life to bring up a happy person. There were hard times, when they tightened their belts in order to buy things I needed and to make my life better.

I think that parents should put their hearts and souls in their children’s upbringing, if they want to be proud of them in future. While children should know that when they become adult people, they’re responsible for their parents as well, because time makes people sick and physically weak. That’s why I don’t ignore my parents’ requests for both physical and financial support. Sometimes, your smile and warm embraces can be enough to infuse your parents’ hearts with hope and inspiration to move on.

There’s nothing better than seeing my parents happy

The happiness of my parents is an essential part of my life and it defines my happiness as well. When they feel down due to some problems, I also feel bad, because there’s a strong emotional connection between us. That’s why I try to do all possible and impossible things to make my parents’ life easier. Unfortunately, I cannot buy my parents expensive things, but I try to make them happier in other aspects of life. I present my parents with love, respect and care. I think that these values are the main in our life.

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I’m still a child in my parents’ eyes

Most people, especially teenagers don’t like to be treated like kids by their parents. I also couldn’t get used to this thing, because I dreamt of being strong and independent. After awhile my parents began treating me seriously, but even now I feel that I’m still a child in their eyes.

I’ve already accepted this truth and came to a conclusion that it’s pointless to prove something to them. It can only hurt their feelings. It’s better to take pleasure in their care and appreciate everything they do for me. I believe that I’ll completely understand my parents when I’ll become a parent too.

We should know that parental instinct is one of the strongest in the world. I think children should sympathize with their parents. Moreover, it’s important to understand that their loving parents are ready to get a star from the sky for them.

I’ll try to pay more visits to my parental house

A few years ago, my life with parents seemed to me impossible and boring. I wanted to live separately from them and start a new life. Not long ago my dream has come true. I’m an independent person who lives my life my way. To tell the truth, I cannot resist thinking about my parental house.

I’m 25 years old, but I really have only just begun to really appreciate my parents and every moment spent with them. My friends often wonder why I so often visit my parents. I do it, because I love them and I don’t want to lose the time. Unfortunately, many people don’t value what they have until they lose it. I’m not like all the others. I don’t hesitate to tell my parents how much I love them.

Why not take a cell phone and dial the number of your mom or dad right now? If you have time to read this article, I hope you’ll find a minute to tell your parents how much you love them.

I have always been as busy as a bee, trying to handle everything in my life, but I couldn’t set correct priorities. I wasted valuable time doing things I didn’t like and impressing people I didn’t need. Now I’ve understood that my parents are my treasure. Every time I pay a visit to my parental house, I tell my parents that I love them. I’m sure that my love helps their hearts beat longer.

Parental house is the most reliable marine in my life. Every time I see my mom and dad, my heart fills with joy and contentment, because their frank smiles and warm embraces inspire me to live and love. My parents gave me life and a belief in myself. Now it’s my turn to support them. I promise to love and take care of my parents in their old age. What is parental house for you? Do you often visit your parents? Share your point of view, please.