11 Funny Dog Videos That Will Make Your Day

Nov 23, 2015

Our pets can be unpredictably funny, especially if they are dogs. Remember those times you failed to turn on the camera on time and make a video of your cutie goofing around? Sure you do. Enjoy these cute dog videos and try not to hurt yourself by smiling and laughing too wide. Even though these videos are short, they will definitely make your day.

1 Little friends

When your pet wants to catch some Z’s, he or she may fall asleep wherever it’s possible. The main point is the place should be warm and cozy. The rest makes no sense, even if someone has already occupied the chosen place. That spotty dog decided to take siesta right in baby’s beddy-bye. Just look how cute they are. Perhaps, it’s the beginning of the great friendship and the baby really doesn’t mind the company of a good buddy.

2 Snowy cutie

That puppy seems to have his own world view. Everything around him is turned upside down and spinning from left to right all the time. The only excuse for that is he loves it. Or he just wanna get some treats from the owner who has been teaching him a new trick. There’s one thing you can say for sure: that doggy knows how to keep fit and work out abs in a proper way. Still don’t believe? Watch the video and make sure of it at first hand.

3 Puppy love

Did you know that dogs like kissing? This short video shows how endless might be your pet’s love. Need proofs? Then look at that little Pug and the baby. They are a role model of happiness and joy. Surely, these guys will be friends forever, because the puppy love never ends.

4 Sleepy and angry

This couple decided to bring their Dachshund to his wit’s end. He was sleeping peacefully, dreaming of a delicious spongy bone. Nothing seemed to spoil that beautiful morning. Then he suddenly woke up being surrounded by weird annoying sounds. There’s no escape from this, so the doggy accepted an uphill battle and tried to fight back. If you wonder whether he had any chances to win, check out the video. You can only imagine dog’s revenge next morning.

5 First time in snow

“There’s a snowflake! And another one! And one more! I love snow!!!” If dogs could speak, these are the words this cute puppy would probably say. His glee has no limits. Perhaps, he’d love to spend the whole day chasing snowflakes, eating snow and stamping new curving trails. Winter is definitely his favorite time of the year. Watch the video and get your daily dose of good mood right now.

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6 Brave doggy

A glass of fresh cold water is exactly what’s needed on a hot summer day. But it looks like that dog has never heard about a glass. He prefers to drink directly from the garden hose. Take notice of his patience — he’s concentrated and petrified at the prospect of a water stream. Though, everything changes as the tap turned on and the dog explodes with an insane outburst. Nothing can stop him. Watch this video and make sure that your pet’s bowl is always full of fresh water.

7 Flapping ears

Wanna see a modern screen version of the Scandinavian Invasion of Britain directed by a dog? Here you have it. Though, there are no battles to be seen, you can’t help but view that recording for several times in a row. These Corgi puppies will surely conquer your heart and soul with their ears flapping around. Behold the power of fluffy warriors and you won’t resist smiling.

8 Dogs can talk

Dogs are considered to be the most devoted pets. Unfortunately, they can’t speak and put their feelings and love for the owner into words. But as it turned out, there’s always a place for an exception. Try to look into the eyes of that doggy and say it doesn’t send goosebumps down your spine. He is so sincere and impressive that you simply can’t help but love him back. His last phrase really sounds like a song. This video is worth a thousand words.

9 Sleeping beauty

Look at that sleeping beauty. His eyes are as blue as the sky. It seems you can forgive them anything in the world, even a spoiled pair of new shoes or your favorite couch. This cutie has a habit of lying on his back with his paws sticking upwards. I am sure nobody has enough will to walk by without scratching his pinky belly. And his owner is definitely the one of that kind.

10 Funny ride

It’s not a big secret that dogs like to ride. Just make sure you’ve opened a window for your pet and bought him/her a pair of sunglasses. That’s all you need to make your dearest feel happy and enjoy the trip. Are you bemused that your dog has to wear glasses? If yes, then watch the next video and decide for yourself. Whichever way you slice it, your pet won’t be against to ride with style.

11 Practical mommy

Who said dogs aren’t smart enough to invent something new in life? Gone are the days when dogs picked up their babies by the scruff of the neck to carry them from one place to another. This modern dog uses a modern way of carrying the baby. The funny thing is that the puppy likes it. Obedient child!

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Dogs can give us so much joy and happiness. Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine our life without them. When you treat them with all your love and passion, they will definitely express their gratitude and devotion in return and bring you unforgettable memories. So keep your camera ready.