11 Funny Dog Videos That Will Make Your Day

Nov 23, 2015

Our pets can be unpredictably funny, especially if they are dogs. Remember those times you failed to turn on the camera on time and make a video of your cutie goofing around? Sure you do. Enjoy these cute dog videos and try not to hurt yourself by smiling and laughing too wide. Even though these videos are short, they will definitely make your day.

1 Little friends

When your pet wants to catch some Z’s, he or she may fall asleep wherever it’s possible. The main point is the place should be warm and cozy. The rest makes no sense, even if someone has already occupied the chosen place. That spotty dog decided to take siesta right in baby’s beddy-bye. Just look how cute they are. Perhaps, it’s the beginning of the great friendship and the baby really doesn’t mind the company of a good buddy.