7 Wise Pieces of Advice from Grandparents

Nowadays many young people resent the pieces of advice given by their grandparents. If you open your eyes and think broader, you’ll understand that these words are real pearls of wisdom. I’m sure that Google or other search engines won’t give you all valuable and frank information, but your grandparents are mega experienced people in your life who really want to help you become happy and avoid fatal mistakes. These two precious human beings are always ready to give you everything for you to reach your goals and make your cherished dreams come true. It is necessary to pay attention to their wise words.

Unfortunately, my dear grandparents are gone, but they are always alive in my heart. When I visit their tombs, my heart fills with sentimentalism and I recollect their pearls of wisdom with a tear in my eyes. Now their sacred words have become the main principles of my life. I wish I understood these truths earlier. Check out a few wise pieces of advice from grandparents.

1 Don’t burn bridges

This huge world is actually small and interconnected. Don’t burn bridges, no matter how tempted you might be, because you never know how many times you’ll have to cross the same river. My grandparents explained to me that I should always try to stay in good relations with people I know, because once I’ll have to cooperate with them again. Now I realize that this wonderful advice is the key to building a good reputation in society. Furthermore, it often happens that people you dislike or hate due to some failures from the past can help you more than those who seem to be your best friends.

2 The fire of burned bridges may light your way to success

My grandfather was a businessman and he had a bit different view on life. He believed that bad bridges need to be burned in order to get rid of negativity and enemies who keep you away from you happiness. I do agree that there’s no point in continuing a negative relationship once you’re out the door. If the person has already shown the true face, you should be sure that nothing will change for better. I can burn bridges when I feel that I’m ill-used or humbled by somebody, because I prefer to stick to my life motto, “I never sacrifice three things: my family, my heart and my dignity.” I truly believe that burned bridges will light my way to growth and happiness.

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3 Keep money for rainy days

Life is an unpredictable thing and you never know when the sun will come out again to cover you with the sunshine. When I was young I couldn’t manage my money properly. Consequently, I had quarrels with my mum. My grandparents were the only people who gave a helping hand if necessary. Moreover, they taught me to keep some money for the rainy days in spite of stable incomes. Today, I realize that it’s impossible to disregard this old truth, especially if you have a family.

4 Laugh as much as possible

Nowadays smiles and laughter are the best medicine from stress and pain. I find humor unique because it’s absolutely free and you cannot buy a frank and funny laughter. You can easily improve your mood and help others to smile in return. It’s surprising, but laughter is infectious, because many people cannot resist the sound of a roaring laughter. Smiles often bind people together and bring their minds and bodies into a balance. Plus, humor lightens your burdens and increases intimacy and happiness. My grandpa always taught me to use laughter and smiles as the best diplomatic trick to handle difficult situations. I want to admit that it really works.

5 Love and enjoy your kids

Children are the most beautiful flowers of your life. My granny always told that I should spend more time with my kids since time flies really fast. That’s why it’s better to slow down, because your kids will never be as little as they are right this moment. Moreover, children are the reflection of their parents, so you should do your best to make your child an all-rounded and happy person. Try to treat these words seriously, because in the blink of an eye, your kids will have babies of their own. Enjoy the moment, life and your wonderful kids.

6 Crying

My dear grandma advised me to cry when I was disappointed about something. Once I’ve tried and now I realize that crying is an essential part of my mental well-being. Crying is not the sign of your weakness, but the ability to feel and experience different emotions. It releases stress hormones and toxins from your body. Furthermore, it gives relief to your heart and soul.

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7 Do your favorite things

My grandparents always taught me to be brave enough to follow my dreams. I support the idea that the love to do things you adore cannot be forced. It’s desirable to find things you are passionate about and develop in this direction. My grandpa wanted to be a driver, but his parents forbade and forced him to continue their business. Consequently, he was one of the most successful businessmen in the state, but once he confessed that he would have been happier to work as a driver.

I hope these pearls of wisdom given by my (and maybe your) grandparents will help you somehow. Surely, every family has its own secrets and recipes on how to find happiness in this harsh world. Respect your family traditions and don’t forget about your grandparents who love you so much. What pearls of wisdom have you learned from your grandparents?