10 Ways to Improve a Grandparent-Grandchild Relationship

Feb 21, 2019

If nurtured effectively, the relationship between a grandparent and grandchild can be extremely meaningful and supportive. Keep these ten tips in mind if you want to improve your relationship with a grandchild. It is important to start improving your grandparent-grandchild relationship as earlier as possible.

1 Share stories

If you use imaginative language and try to paint a vivid picture of your past, you will find that most grandchildren are very interested in your stories. You can use anecdotes to teach your children important morals, help them understand how society has changed, and give them insights into how you became the person you are today.

2 Use new technology

Even if you do not quite know how to use social networks or Skype, your grandchildren can show you how to get the best out of these modern tools. Skype is particularly useful for staying close to grandchildren who live far away, and Facebook can help to keep you abreast of their daily lives.

3 Find common interests

While it is easy to assume that you will not have much in common with people from the youngest generation, it pays to find hobbies you can share with your grandchildren. Whether you bond over an interest in sports, trade music, reading books, or enjoy spending time in nature, sharing activities helps to enhance relationships.

4 Thank your grandchildren

Modeling good manners and graciousness can help to encourage your grandchildren to show gratitude to you as well. Thank them for drawings they give you, recognize their efforts to entertain you, and show that you appreciate the time they choose to spend with you.

5 Be a friend

You are in a unique position to guide and support grandchildren, and this connection can become very important when children grow into rebellious teenagers. By cultivating a friendship as well as a familial bond in the early years, you increase the chances that your grandchildren will come to you for advice and share personal dilemmas.

6 Make a family tree together

You can help your grandchildren understand the whole family in new ways by working on a family tree together. This activity also provides unique opportunities for you to connect your grandchildren with the importance of relatives who have passed away.

7 Do not overspend

It can be tempting to shower your grandchildren with gifts, but maintaining a constant flow of money or gifts can encourage the grandchildren to take you for granted. This type of behavior can also irritate parents who are trying to raise their children to be less materialistic.

8 Make sure you treat all grandchildren equally

If you have a deeper or more intuitive connection with a particular grandchild then you may accidentally start focusing all of your energy on that relationship. However, this pattern can create resentments and insecurities in other grandchildren. Try to find common ground with each grandchild and put extra effort into bonding with children who seem shyer or more withdrawn.

9 Play games

It can be great fun to play board games with grandchildren, and these games help you teach them how to play in a fair and respectful way. However, you can also improve your bond with grandchildren by being willing to engage in silly roleplaying games involving fanciful scenarios or outlandish costumes.

10 Take good care of yourself

Finally, remember that can enjoy a longer and more meaningful bond with your grandchildren if you are vigilant about your health. Your grandchildren can become extremely worried and stressed if they know that you constantly smoke, struggle with being overweight or indulge in too much alcohol. Sacrificing old habits for the sake of your grandchildren can be a powerful and life-affirming choice.

As the above ten tips suggest, there are plenty of inventive and enjoyable ways to enhance your relationship with your grandchild. While different tactics work well with different age groups, the key theme is a willingness to be open and approachable.