10 Fall Children Clothing Trends That Will Not Break the Bank

Aug 7, 2020

There are not many things that holler “Buy me!” quite like baby clothing, especially they are calling out to aunties and grandmas. Come to any baby shower and you will see how little resistance people have to purchase clothing for tiny humans.

Onesies of every color, bibs, baby shoes and headbands are just some of the many adorable clothing items you will see in multiples when a group of people comes together to bless an expectant couple. I always joke (except that I am not really kidding) that my kids are better dressed than I am, and it is because my friends and family can’t resist buying them clothing.

If I leave the house in a clean pair of jeans and a nice tee shirt, I consider myself dressed up. Meanwhile, my kids are wearing outfits that look like they came straight out of a magazine. So what are some cute fall trends you can look for when shopping for baby clothes? Here are ten fall children clothing trends that will not break the bank.

1 One piece clothing

Onesies or baby bodysuits are a classic one piece baby outfit. The snaps at the crotch ensure that the shirt will not end up around the armpits and help keep an outfit together. While a onesie can often stand alone as an article of clothing, especially in the summer or when your baby is just hanging around the house, it can also be paired with some pants or a fluffy tutu.

One piece outfits are especially important for babies who are on the move. They give a nice range of movement in their legs, which allows them to exercise and learn to use those muscles for the first time. Sleepers are an another practical outfit choice for babies. Like onesies, they are a one-step outfit, but they are more capable of standing alone. Perfect for the colder months of the year, they double as regular clothing and pajamas.

Rompers are often a great choice for boys (though I have seen girly rompers that are adorable as well. They are the best because they make a complete outfit that doesn’t look like pajamas and is oh-so-adorable!

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One piece outfits are practical for parents because they save time and make it easier to clothe a wiggly baby. No matter how cute the outfit, parents would rather not spend tons of time removing and replacing lots of layers of clothing every time the baby’s diaper needs to be changed.

2 Cute sayings on tees

Most baby clothing says something adorable like, “Cute, just like mom,” or “Daddy’s princess.” Baby clothing is a great way to make a statement, literally.

From funny quips about breastfeeding to jokes about dirty diapers, a baby’s onesie, shirt, or sleeper often says things parents are hesitant to say, which is even funnier because the baby can’t actually speak for themselves yet.

3 Comfy knits and jerseys

There is very little that is more important to consider than comfort when dressing a baby. A stiff fabric or a misplaced tag can mean the difference between a happy baby with a sane mother, and a screaming baby with a frazzled, sleep-deprived mother.

Clothing has to be comfortable. Thankfully, even the most fashion forward baby clothing is usually made of soft, comfortable knits which not only helps your baby to feel more comfortable but also helps to facilitate their frequent naps.

4 Mini adult outfits

I think my favorite children clothing trend is the mini adult outfits. Peplum tops and fitted jeans make the baby clothing section look much like the section of the store where Mommy and Daddy pick out their clothes.

From teeny, tiny baby Uggs and Timberlands, to flannel with jeans, your baby can dress just like mommy or daddy with ease. If you shop at places like Zulilly, Old Navy, and Amazon, you can often find “mommy and me” type outfits – matching outfits for you and your little one.

5 Mixed prints

I remember when it was against the fashion rules to let your kid leave the house wearing two different prints, but that’s not necessarily the case anymore. Both girls and boys can easily pair two coordinating prints to make an adorable outfit. From florals with stripes to polka dots and flannels, baby clothing designers have found a way to make prints on prints really work!

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6 A trend away from typical pastels

Back in the day, baby colors were often those pale, bright pastel blues and pinks we have all grown to love. Lately, though, pastels are still in vogue, they are more muted than those traditional colors. A soft grey-blue instead of baby blue and a gentle rose instead of pale pink are commonly found in today’s popular baby clothing. Of course, you do not have to look very far to find brights either, but I have definitely been seeing more adorable muted pastels lately than I remember seeing in the past.

7 Fun accessories

If there is a baby girl in your life, you are familiar with headbands adorned with flowers almost as large as their heads. If you know a little baby boy, you have probably seen him in a tiny bow tie or a cute newsies hat. It is always adorable to add these types of accessories to your baby’s outfit, but not always practical so they are typically saved for special occasions such as family get-togethers or Sundays.

8 Soft soled shoes

I love that the classical hard-soled first pair of baby shoes has been replaced with soft soled shoes. Babies learning to walk really need to use the full range of muscles in their feet to learn how to balance their body weight and place their feet.

Though the tiny sized Air Jordan’s are cute, they are not healthy for a baby learning to stand and/or walk to wear because it will inhibit their developmental progress when it comes to walking. Instead, look for a pair of leather soft soled shoes like Robeez. They are an adorable, healthy option for growing little feet.

9 Cloth diapers

Though cloth diapers obviously serve a very necessary function, modern cloth diapers have become more and more popular throughout the past decade. And they are a popular fall trend parents follow. I have gone from having very few options (plastic pants, prefolds, and pins) to a plethora of modern cloth diapering options and all of them so beautiful.

You can pick out a cloth diaper that matches any outfit your child has because there are so many brands and work at home mamas out there making such beautiful diapers. From fluffy flowery all in ones to mighty monster diaper covers to beautiful solid colored pocket diapers; there is a diaper style, color, and print out there that will complement any outfit.

10 Organic and natural

Finally, this present generation of parents have become more aware of the environment and its impact upon children than the generations before and retailers have been listening to their demands. These parents are more aware of the dangers of toxins and more careful about keeping those toxins from their baby’s systems.

Wooden and silicone toys, glass bottles, and organic food are commonly seen in today’s diaper bags and nurseries. There are also lots of great organic clothing options out there for babies, as conventional methods of processing and dying clothing can often leave toxins behind. So, as you shop for your baby’s wardrobe, you are not only going to find adorably fashionable clothing, but you can find many organic clothing options as well.

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Dressing babies is fun. Fall trends are fun. So, enjoy it while you can because one day not long from now that baby will be a feisty twelve-year-old who folds their arms, stomps their feet, and says, “I do it!” when it comes to getting dressed.

They will choose children clothing trends that may make you cringe, but as you want them to learn to do it themselves and to allow them to express their individuality to at least some degree, you will gladly begin to let go of some of the control of their fashion that you previously had.

So while they are babies, enjoy planning their outfits and dressing them to the fullest. The fashionable clothing options available these days make it such a fun task!