Freedom Is Priceless: Why Fall Isn’t the Best Time for a New Relationship

Oct 31, 2022

If you’ve been single for a little while, the changes in environment and temperature can make you think of looking for a new guy. Building a new relationship isn’t a romance movie. You can buy into the belief that he’s your perfect prince today, but in a week you will see that your prince isn’t actually a prince you need. While it’s easier to survive a breakup when everything around you coming to life, like in spring, it’s much harder to overcome sadness, loneliness and failed relationships when everything around you is dying, like in fall.

Depending on what type of person you are, you perceive the fall season in your own way. Whether you are single or married, you can’t run away from your feelings or mental disorders. Jumping into a new relationship after a recent breakup just for the sake of your mental well-being isn’t a great idea.

The fall season is exciting and fun, but not for those suffering from seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder. If you are one of them, fall isn’t the best time for you to start a new relationship. Leaping from one relationship to another can only worsen your symptoms. Plus, all those unsuccessful dates aren’t the most pleasant experiences. There are many other ways to overcome seasonal depression so here’s why you should enjoy your freedom this fall (and maybe winter!) season.

1 SAD is not a joke

SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, is a serious mood disorder that mostly affects girls and women between 15 and 55. If you are feeling sad and depressed, going out on a date with a guy you’ve been chatting online for a few days is a big no no. It won’t help you solve your problem and you may even start feeling worse. That guy might be a true gentleman, but it’s hard to please a depressive girl (you) so overcome your seasonal depression and then think of building a new relationship. Meanwhile, consider doing a few other crucial things while you are single…

2 Focus on yourself

Even though many people consider fall the busiest season of the year – you know, back to school, back to college, back to work – it’s actually a wonderful time to focus on yourself. With all those beach parties and road trips, you don’t have enough time for yourself during the summer season. Now is an ideal time to re-think your lifestyle, habits and life principles, and decide on what you want to change till the end of the year so that you could say, “new year – new me.” You will have more chances to meet the right guy when you will be sure what exactly you want in life and what kind of relationship your soul needs.

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3 It’s not your season

Love and the season of the year have nothing in common. But when the weather gets colder and clothes get thicker, attracting the right man doesn’t bring you tons of fun and joy. Yep, it’s easier to hide all those flaws you have, but at the same time, you hide your beautiful body and all those things guys love (you know what I’m talking about.) If you have trouble meeting a good guy, fall is just not your season. Wait until you get rid of your comfortable sweaters and boots, and the hottest guy will be yours.

4 Enjoy the holiday season to the fullest

Statistics show that single girls have more fun during the holiday season. They are free and independent. They do whatever they want and party wherever they want. Plus, they don’t have to choose between going to a partner’s parents’ house or visiting their parents on Thanksgiving or Christmas. If you are single, don’t rush into a new relationship. Enjoy the holiday season to the fullest.

5 Finally, a breakup is more painful

Coping with a breakup during the spring and summer seasons is a lot easier than during the fall and winter ones. Rainy, gloomy days, short days, long nights, chilly winds and constantly dirty boots are irritating to single people. Needless to say, seasonal depression plays its own role. If you are ready to face a failed relationship and you don’t suffer from any disorders, then keep dating until you find Mr. Right. If not, then opt for any other fun fall activities and enjoy your total freedom.

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Fall is the perfect season to start changing your life. However, when it comes to building a new relationship, it’s better to consider all the pros and cons. If you happen to meet a nice guy, of course, you don’t have to wait until springtime. But don’t jump into a new relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship.