8 Amazing Leather Jacket Colors to Wear This Fall

Oct 4, 2022

Nothing says fall fashion like a fashionable leather jacket. While most guys and girls are obsessed with black leather jackets, there are many other colors to rock. If you’re one of those who tend to follow the crowd, then probably stop reading. However, if you strive to stand out from the crowd yet still look fashionable, why not throw away your black leather jacket this fall?

To be fair, I do understand guys who choose black leather jackets, but why do girls wear black color? If you think this color makes you look slimmer, stop believing in this fairytale. Regardless of your body shape, choose one of these leather jacket colors and wear it confidently all fall long.

1 White Beauty

Who’s bold enough to wear a white leather jacket during the fall season? Black is everywhere. It’s so depressive. White is a great antidote to seasonal depression and mood swings.

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Not only will you show your personal fashion style, but you will also be the object of attention. You can wear your white leather jacket with almost everything you own.

2 Luxury purple

If you really want to get all the attention you deserve, purple is your best color. It may be a bit hard to find a purple leather jacket, but dedicating one day to shopping is worth it.

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Pair your purple leather jacket with summer dresses (if it’s warm) and basic blacks or dark blue jeans to complete your look. When it comes to purple, it’s important that you don’t overdo it. Opt for light browns for your makeup look, and make sure you don’t wear too bright bags and shoes.

3 Brown Modesty

If black isn’t your favorite color and you can’t imagine yourself wearing some bright colors, brown is your perfect choice. The brown leather jacket doesn’t look so feminine, but still, it’s much better than a black one.

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Pair it with some greige or nude basics to look your best each day.

4 Gray Confidence

Who said only shy girls wear gray pieces of clothes? Confident women love this color too. There’s a popular belief that gray exudes a lack of energy, confidence, and is associated with anxiety and depression.

However, it’s not about the color you wear, it’s about you. If you don’t feel confident inside, you don’t look confident outside, even if you wear a red leather jacket.

5 Red Passion

Speaking about the red leather jacket… It’s a bold choice, but why not? No matter what shade of red you choose, make sure you wear it with huge confidence. Red doesn’t stand a lack of confidence.

For a day look, compare your red leather jacket with black jeans and a white or black tee. For a party look, opt for your favorite LBD, heels, black lines, and red lipstick.

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6 Greenish Black Mystery

If you have trouble saying goodbye to your favorite black color, invest in a greenish-black leather jacket. It’s a unique, bold, and simply beautiful color that you can wear with virtually everything you love.

From jeans to dresses, the sky is the limit, so feel free to get as creative as possible.

7 Yellow Happiness

No, you won’t look like a chicken, don’t worry. Also, it’s not for college students only. Yellow is a cheerful, fun, uplifting, and bright color that helps to banish bad moods and seasonal depression.

When wearing your yellow leather jacket, you’ll spread positivity, a sunny mood, and simple happiness around you.

8 Dark Blue Sky

Autumn sky isn’t as happy as summer sky. Of course, autumn sky doesn’t exactly look like this dark blue leather jacket, but it’s a great alternative to your ordinary black leather jacket. It’s trendy, stylish, and goes well with an all-jeans ensemble.

You can pair it with your favorite dresses as well.

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As the days get shorter and cooler and frost is almost in the air, colored leather jackets can become your best friends that will keep you warm this season. You don’t have to stick to black while there are so many options.

Pick your favorite style and start looking for your best leather jacket as soon as you get your paycheck. What’s your favorite leather jacket color? Any other ideas?