6 Tricks to Avoid Weight Gain during the Fall Season

Apr 14, 2016

When the leaves burst into an array of fabulous colors and the crisp fall air leaves us looking for warm, comfortable clothes, we indulge in comfort food and drinks. Hearty soups. Hot chocolate. No one counts calories. Plus Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas are all perfect excuses to forget about healthy eating and weight loss goals. In case you’d put a few pounds, you can easily hide them under oversized sweaters and coats. It’s trendy. It’s comfortable. But, do you need that bulk?

As the weather gets chilly, it’s exceedingly important to create a new eating plan that will prevent you from sweating in the gym when the spring comes. These weight loss tricks are all tricks I’d give to my bestie, my aunt and anyone else that I love, so I’m giving them to you, because I love my readers too.

1 Foster a hydration habit

Water is essential regardless of the season. During the summer months we can’t leave home without a bottle of water. The crisp autumn air tricks us into thinking that we don’t need water anymore and that delicious beverages like tea, coffee and hot cocoa can keep us hydrated throughout the day. Plain water can’t be replaced. The only thing you can do to improve its taste is to add some lemon or berries to it.

2 Befriend carbs

Eliminating carbs from your diet is a bad idea. Consuming carbs each day is a bad idea. The way out? Opt for healthier varieties and reduce your carb intake during the fall months. Instead of eating white bread, choose diet-friendly options like oat bread, rye bread, flaxseed bread and whole-wheat bread. The same goes for pasta. Choose whole-grain pasta that is higher in fiber and nutrients than regular pasta.

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3 Treat yourself wisely

Pumpkin and apple pies, creepy Halloween muffins, and other baked goods may remind you of your childhood and home much you loved the fall months. As sad as it sounds, all those treats are high in calories, which means extra pounds and ruined waistline. Sure, it doesn’t mean you should munch on apples and carrots and forget about desserts for good. Just learn how to treat yourself wisely. Practice portion control to avoid weight gain during the fall season.

4 Invest in a gym membership

This is one of the best investments you can make this fall season. Not everyone can find courage to work out when the temperatures drop. Moreover, you may not have time and space to exercise at home. An after-work visit to a local gym twice a week can do the trick. You will be more inspired and motivated to exercise. Plus, you will look perfectly slim during the holiday season and down the road.

5 Stock up on local veggies and fruits

Boost your immunity during the fall season to have more energy and fun during the winter months. Most fall veggies and fruits are absolutely healthy – just go for organic ones. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your autumn eating plan is a great way to improve your health and avoid weight gain at the same time.

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6 Take responsibility for yourself

You are the only one who can make you exercise and stick to a healthy diet. Don’t rely on your mom, your friend and your partner. A responsible dieter eats whatever they want without restrictions. If you want to try one Halloween muffin, do it. Eating small portions of your favorite foods won’t make you fat. Teach yourself to follow a moderation rule and you will notice how slim you will be at the end of both fall and winter seasons. Don’t forget to check nutritional labels before buying food, and try to make your own meals as often as possible.

When the fall season hits, we experience mood swings and seasonal depression. We turn to comfort food hoping it will help us feel better. Nope, it won’t. Stay in tune with your body and give it all of the nutrients it needs. These are some of the most effective autumn weight loss tips I follow. Feel free to tell us about your autumn eating plan and share your own tips, if you have.