6 Signs You Are Prone to Weight Gain

Some people are just genetically gifted with ultra-fast metabolism and slender figures. Others not so much. You may be at a point in your life where you look down at that donut you have been noshing on and ponder which group you are in – the gifted or the ones prone to weight gain.

Thankfully, while weight gain can’t happen overnight, there are certain habits and factors that will compound over time and can result in a widening waistline. Here are some of those habits and signs that tell whether or not you are prone to weight gain:

1 You travel for work or school

Are you one of those people who sit for your commute? Find yourself going on dozens of business trips to far-off destinations? Traveling throws off the natural balance of your body. Plus, the stress raises cortisol levels. This is especially true if you are commuting to school or work behind the wheel for about an hour each way. All that time sitting is not doing anything for your mood, health, or gut.

2 You are in college

Ah, the infamous “Freshman 15.” While most students report gaining only a little weight during their Freshman year (about 1.1 kg in the first 3 months), college students do indeed pack on the pounds more easily than high schoolers and those who have graduated.

Women especially have it hard in college, because you are doing a lot of sitting, studying, partying, drinking, and eating. Pair that with dormitory housing where you probably do not sleep and cafeteria food, and you have a recipe to gain weight faster than usual.

3 You are dehydrated

Water is your friend. You can’t live without it, and denying yourself water can lead to bloat, consuming more calories, and increase your chance of weight gain. Ditch soda, sweetened beverages, and stick to H20 or water-based beverages like unsweetened tea and coffee.

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4 You are a drinker

Alcohol does not come cheap for neither wallet nor calorie allowance. If you find yourself knocking back beers, cocktails, and other party drinks, you can expect to see more fat accumulating on your body than someone who drinks in moderation or not at all. For example, 5 ounces of red wine is 125 calories.

5 You do not eat often

Dietitians cringe when they hear people saying that they skip meals. While intermittent fasting is fine and has health benefits, forgetting to eat or missing out of meals throughout the day will result in weight maintenance issues in your later years.

Having a consistent eating schedule keeps your blood sugar stable, which is key in maintaining a healthy weight. Therefore, try to eat throughout the day to keep your metabolism working efficiently and your body healthy.

6 Your family is heavy

Sometimes, it is not by way of lifestyle that you gain weight easily. Sometimes, it is in your genes. For example, if your family is predisposed to metabolic syndromes, thyroid issues, and hormonal imbalances, then you too might have the same problems in the future.

Genetics also play a huge role in fat distribution, body shape, and how well your metabolism keeps up with the aging process. Plus, we can’t ignore the fact that you will probably have picked up your parents’ eating habits, too.

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Gaining weight is, sadly, quite the easy feat. You do not have to do much to start packing on pounds, even if you are attempting to cut back calories. There are a lot of factors that go beyond this list when it comes to figuring out whether you are prone to weight gain or not. However, if you find yourself nodding along to these factors, then you need to change your lifestyle now before you start gaining weight in the future.