7 Painless Ways to Cut Calories Without Starving Yourself

Spring is here and that means summer is right around the corner. If you are not happy with what you are seeing in the mirror, now is the time to take action for a slimmer you. But that does not mean you need to starve yourself to get there.

In fact, depriving yourself of nutrients and calories you need will only thrust your body into starvation mode where it will store fat instead of burning it. Here are seven ways to slash your calories with very little effort on your part.

1 Cut out extra, unneeded calories first

Take a long hard look at what you are eating and drinking. If you are adding cream to your coffee, that is an extra 100 calories per cup. Smearing cream cheese on your toast? Three tablespoons of that make 150 calories. And do not forget soda. Just stop drinking it, period.

2 Snack smart

Starving between meals is not beneficial to your body. You will just end up overeating at the next meal. It is smart snacking that is in order. Choose air-popped popcorn instead of chips. Choose fruit for something sweet instead of sugary treats. Like dipping things? Enjoy a little hummus with cut up veggies for a tasty, filling, and low-cal treat.

3 Cut your portions down

In America in particular, portion sizes are downright crazy. It is nice to get more bang for your buck but it all winds up on your waistline if you do not portion it out. Be informed about what comes in one portion and how much fat content and calories are in it.

If that portion seems too paltry to you, pair it with steamed vegetables or a side salad, minding the dressing. Dressing can turn something healthy into something that has more fat and calories than a burger. Beware!

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4 Drink your water

When we are thirsty, our bodies send us a signal that we usually confuse with hunger. If you feel hungry and it is not the time for a meal, try drinking a glass of water first. Give it a good 15 minutes and if you do not feel hungry anymore, you will know water was just what your body needed. It helps you feel fuller faster too when you are eating and flushes out toxins so drink it up.

5 Stop skipping breakfast

You are not helping your body by skipping a morning meal. After being asleep all night, it needs some proper fuel. Make it count by eating whole grains, low-fat Greek yogurt, or something light and healthy.

6 Try low-GI foods

Your body takes a longer time to breakdown low-GI foods, which means you will feel fuller longer. You can also go low-carb to shake off some weight, but do so slowly or else you will wind up binging.

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7 Splurge a little

Eating healthy should be a way of life, not some convoluted crazy diet. Still, if you place too many restrictions on yourself and do not ease into it by changing one or two things a week, you will be likely to overeat.

Life is meant to be enjoyed so eat right all week and then enjoy a slice of pizza with your girls on Friday night. The key is moderation.

Are you looking to shape up for summer? What are your special tricks for shaking off a few pounds?