6 Party Foods to Avoid This Summer

Summer is here, and it is time to hit those parties with your fabulous beach body. But wait! Before you dig into the food and refreshments, there are some things you should watch out for when you are celebrating.

True that a cheat here and there is not going to wreck all your efforts at the gym. But if you are not careful, those calories will really add up and leave you feeling pretty beached and bummed.

Here are some of the worst party foods and drinks, along with some helpful suggestions of what to choose instead. Just say no to:

1 Frozen cocktails

Sure, we all love a great fiesta, but if you down a large frozen margarita, you are consuming about 900 calories. Eek! Many other frozen cocktails contain tons of calories. Imagine if you had a second drink AND ate food with that. Your better choice? Mojitos. They still give off that fabulous party vibe and have around 200 calories instead.

2 Hot dogs

They are full of sodium, nitrites, and calories. Sure, they taste good, but you can get the same great flavors from nitrite-free chicken sausages instead. They taste even betterю

3 Potato chips

You can’t go to any picnic or barbecue anywhere without encountering a bowl of potato chips. What is more, they are usually accompanied by a fattening, creamy dip. It is not worth the high-fat content, plus they are so salty, they will make you even more dehydrated in the sun.

Seek out fresh fruits and veggies, but if there are not any wherever you are celebrating, look for popcorn or even pretzel sticks for a less salty and less calorie-filled option.

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4 Ice cream

We know, we know. Ice cream is one of the most refreshing things in the summertime. It is the cool and creamy texture is just ideal for those hot days. But eating all that ice cream is going to give you more calories and fat than you need in a day. Instead, look for low-fat frozen yogurt.

5 Fried foods

Meeting the friends over at the neighborhood bar to watch the game? Then skip those fried appetizers. They do no good for you, plus they will make you feel lethargic and gassy later.

Instead, opt for pickles or even order baked wings and munch on the celery and carrots that come on the side. Just watch that blue cheese dressing. Order fat-free or skip it.

6 Regular beer

Is beer your favorite summertime beach drink? If so, all those calories and carbs will have you feeling bloated and looking it too. Ditch the regular stuff and go for light and low-carb beer choices instead. You will still enjoy that lovely beer buzz but at a fraction of the calories and carbs.

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Remember, summer can still be fun. Just try to avoid eating these poor choices and make smarter ones instead, so you can look and feel your best all season long.