7 Foods That Taste Better in Summer

May 8, 2017

Get ready for summer! We blinked and the year just went by. Now we are ready for summer fun and food. Some foods just taste better at this time of year. Maybe it is because they are in season or maybe it is because they are refreshing. But whatever the case, these are the foods that definitely taste the best at this time of year.

1 Cherries

Want a great snack with a tangy, sweet and refreshing appeal? Put out a bowl of cherries. They are great for you too, giving your heart a big boost of protection from heart disease and stroke.

2 Zucchini

Zucchini is at its peak in summer, making it a fantastic and simple side dish to serve. It is full of vitamin C, too. Plus, you can keep your summer beach body by making zoodles instead of noodles. Check out these fantastic zoodle ideas.

3 Blueberries

This sweet superfood is a wonderful summer treat. Rich in antioxidants, the summertime is the best time to enjoy yummy blueberries because the prices are much lower. And they are much sweeter this time of year too. Use blueberries in your morning smoothies, top Greek yogurt with them, or even toss them into a spinach salad for an extra summery flavor.

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4 Corn

Fresh corn on or off the cob goes great with any meal. It also makes for a sublime addition to salsas, soups, and bean dishes. But for summer, grilling it out in your backyard gives it an even more heavenly taste that will go great with your burgers and steaks.

5 Watermelon

Nothing beats biting into a juicy, fleshy slice of watermelon on a hot summer day. Watermelon helps you keep hydrated and it is an outstanding source of lycopene, a cancer-fighting agent that tomatoes also have. However, watermelon has even more lycopene than tomatoes, giving you more reasons to enjoy it and let that juice dribble down your chin.

6 Avocados

Avocados go great in everything. From topping tacos to mixing in smoothies to tossing with salads, avocados can make any meal taste uniquely delicious. And let’s not forget everyone’s favorite party dip – guacamole. Nothing is better to dip in while soaking in the pool.

7 Ice cream and frozen treats

By and large, the absolute best thing to eat in the summer is ice cream. Following in a close second would be popsicles, Italian ices, and other frozen treats. It goes without saying that the intense heat in the summer needs some defiance.

Going out for ice cream or keeping a stash of it in the freezer is a marvelous way to stay cool in the summer. And it makes for a great way to surprise the kids. Worried about all the calories? Buy frozen yogurt instead. No one will know the difference

While you can eat all these foods all year long, they taste a lot better during the summer season. What is your favorite food to eat in the summer? Tell us!