10 Foods to Eat to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Oct 19, 2022

There’s a great number of delicious and healthy foods you can eat daily to stay hydrated this summer season. Fresh fruits and vegetables are among the most refreshing summer foods since they’re naturally contain high amounts of water. The great news is that these summer foods are all in season so you don’t have to spend a lot of your money. Stay hydrated this summer season with these tasty and healthy foods.

1 Popsicles

Homemade popsicles are one of the best summer foods that help you beat the heat and stay hydrated. If you buy popsicles, make sure you choose healthy alternatives which don’t contain added sugar. Coconut water or fresh fruit juice, combined with fresh berries or with your favorite fruits, is a perfect hydrating and refreshing treat for the summertime!

2 Watermelon

One of the most popular summer foods, watermelon is an excellent source of hydration. Watermelon contains 91% water by weight and it’s also a great source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that helps fight cancer. I think it’s a good reason to eat watermelon this summer season. You can add it to your smoothies, fruit salads and summer cocktails.

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3 Berries

Berries are juicy, sweet, and incredibly delicious. They work perfect in a great number of food dishes. You can add them to your water, juices, smoothies, fruit salads, or yogurt. Berries provide plenty of essential nutrients and, of course, hydration. Blueberries and strawberries are among the best hydrating berries since they contain the most water.

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4 Cucumbers

Cucumbers make an amazing, crunchy summer snack that’s high in water and important nutritional elements. Cucumbers have more water content than watermelon – they contain 96.7% water by weight. Add them to your summer salads, green smoothies, sandwiches or eat them fresh with hummus. I love cucumbers and bell peppers with hummus; it’s one of my favorite snacks.

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5 Grapefruit

If you are trying to drop a few unwanted pounds as well as stay hydrated this summer, consider incorporating grapefruit into your diet. Grapefruit contains plenty of water and incredible fat burning compounds. Eating grapefruit can also help reduce cholesterol levels and stabilize blood sugar levels. Although grapefruits are quite tart, they boast fantastic benefits. Try adding grapefruits to your water, juices and fruit salad.

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6 Tomatoes

I think everyone will agree that tomatoes are an awesome addition to any salad, hamburgers and sandwiches. Tomatoes have a great flavor and add lots of juiciness and texture to foods. Cherry tomatoes with nuts or cheese are a tasty and hydrating snack to eat any time of the day. If you suffer from acne, try adding tomatoes to your diet.

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7 Celery

While celery doesn’t taste as good as watermelon, it’s rich in folate, fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. It also has a high water content. Celery helps neutralize stomach acid and is great for treating heartburn symptoms. If you can’t eat celery alone, then you can dip it in hummus or peanut butter, or add it to your green juice or salad.

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8 Green Peppers

While bell peppers of all colors contain plenty of water, green peppers contain 93.9% water by weight as well as powerful antioxidants. Green peppers are an amazing late-night or pre-dinner snack. When you have a craving, just munch on some slices of green pepper and reap all its wonderful benefits. You can also add it to your green smoothie.

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9 Spinach

Spinach is high in potassium, lutein, folate, and fiber, and one cup of it contains 15% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin E, an essential antioxidant for fighting off free radicals. Spinach also helps keep you hydrated due to its high water content. (91.4%) Just put some spinach leaves on your sandwich or add some to your salad or smoothie.

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10 Baby Carrots

Baby carrots have higher water content than full-size carrots. They contain 90.4% water. Moreover, they are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and they are an excellent source of fiber. Munch on some baby carrots during your lunch break, add them to your salads, soups or simply dip them in guacamole or hummus. Baby carrots are incredibly delicious!

With these healthy, refreshing foods, it’s not difficult to stay hydrated and healthy this summer. Sure, there are many more summer foods. What are your favorite summer foods?