7 Tricks to Host the Most Fantastic BBQ Ever

Jul 31, 2020

With the BBQ season in full swing, it is time to think about the most creative ways to host the most fantastic barbecue ever. Cool barbecue parties are not those that consist of bright cocktails, delicious appetizers, and fun activities. Keep reading to discover a few tricks on how to host the most fantastic BBQ without running to extremes. Be it a small family barbecue party or a loud bash, you will certainly find something for yourself.

1 Crazy decorations

It does not necessary to host a themed barbecue party to make others remember it for months, if not years. However, decorating a yard with some colorful and weird things can make the difference. Skip the childish balloons and streamers, and try to come up with more unusual decorating ideas.

2 Weird menu

Why not add a touch of Halloween or Christmas to your BBQ party? Everyone serves standard barbecue fare, but you want to stand out of the crowd, right? You can also try different cuisines or experiment with those recipes you already know. Don’t forget about crazy cocktails. The weird menu is a key to the most fantastic BBQ ever.

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3 Awesome playlist

When you know the music likes and dislikes of your guests, it is easier to create a barbecue playlist they all will love. If you have no idea about their music preferences, though, create a playlist of the most popular songs that everyone listens today. Make sure you avoid sad songs. You do not want your guests to feel depressed or bored.

4 Punishments and rewards

Let your guests know that everyone who will look serious or angry at some moment during the party will get a punishment, like a drink or a dessert (ladies on diet are afraid of it). People who will smile all the time will get little gifts at the end of your barbecue party. There are many other ways to incorporate the punishment and reward system into your BBQ, so get creative.

5 Quirky desserts

Generally, barbecue parties have no desserts at all. Since you do not follow any rules, serving some quirky desserts is a fantastic idea. Whether you buy them, or you have some basic baking skills and time to create your own desserts, you will wow your guests, anyway. Pinterest has tons of ideas so do your research.

6 Fun tableware

Decorate your napkins, plates, cups and forks with some fun quotes, pictures or anything that you know make the crowd smile. It is easier to purchase some fun dishes, but when you are on a budget, it will not hurt to rack your brain a little. Create some weird tableware combos to make it harder yet funnier for your guests to enjoy their food.

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7 Amazing activities

Your menu does not have to be the center of your barbecue. Consider a number of amazing activities. No old-fashioned drinking games. No cornhole. Only new and creative activities that will make your barbecue standout. Dunk bucket, Giant Jenga, Yard Dominoes, and Blanket Run are fabulous ideas to consider. Google any of these games to learn how to play them.

When planning your barbecue, think outside the box to host the most fantastic BBQ ever. Consider weird and fun rules your guests will have to follow but do not overdo it. Remember, it is all about fun. Have you already begun your barbecue season? Tell us about the craziest BBQ parties you ever hosted.