7 Fun Ways to Spend Summer with Your Pet

Nov 18, 2016

If you do not relate to this topic and you are reading this article because of a strange title, you may wonder how people can spend a fun summer season with pets only. Nope, it is not boring. And, there are situations where we, introverts, crave tons of alone time.

Pets are the best friends for introverted people and those who are trying to get through hard times, disease or depression. If you are going to spend this summer with your pet – be it a dog, a cat, a parrot or any animal – check out the tried and tested ways to do that.

1 Adopt healthy habits together

Spring is believed to be the perfect time for a change. No way. Summer is even better time for it. Reconsider your and your pet’s lifestyles and think about the ways to make it healthier and greener. Maybe it is time to quit meat and learn how to get enough nutrients without killing the animals.

Start jogging together in the morning, if you have dog. Or, wake up earlier and spend an hour playing with your pet before you head to the office. Reconsider your sleeping habits as well. It is hard to adopt healthy habits alone, but you can do it easily with your pet, albeit an early morning walk may not be a good news for him/her.

2 Include beach time in your daily schedule

Summer is not complete without beach time. If you do not feel like going alone, take your pet to the beach. Sure, it all depends on the type of animal you have, but many pets actually love water. Consider going in the morning or in the evening to avoid heat stroke and the crowds. Spending a day at the beach sounds fun, but it can be bad for your pet.

3 Try yoga and meditation

This is crazy: a friend of mine practices yoga with her cat on a daily basis while my neighbor meditates with his cute and smart lemur. Dogs shy away from anything that requires mindfulness, but some love yoga. Instagram is full of cute pictures with sporty dogs. I love this one:

4 Go camping

There are many pet-friendly campsites during the summer season, and it is one of the best ways to spend more time with your pet and become closer to nature. Be sure you plan your camping carefully to make the trip safe and fun for both of you. If you have no opportunity to go camping somewhere, travel no further than your backyard. Backyard camping is fun too.

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5 Run a 5K with your dog

If your pet is dog, why not sign up your pup to run a race? Of course, it is not an overnight decision, and you will have to train each day. But it is not only a great way to spend summer with your pet, it is also a fun way to drop weight. Plus, your pup will be happy you spend so much time with him/her.

6 Have a themed picnic every week

Who said picnics are only for friends and families with kids? You can have picnics with your pet too. Take your ordinary picnic to the next level and consider having themed picnic. There are tons of pet-friendly picnic themes, but do not be lazy to come up with your own ones. Pack something for you and your pet to munch on. Grab some games. Even if your pet will not understand the theme, you will feel amazing, I promise.

7 Try paddle boarding

Well, this one is also for dogs. But since the majority of us own dogs I thought this idea might be fun too. If your pup can sit still for more than 10 seconds, try paddle boarding with him. Some dog breeds are better with paddle boarding than others, so if your dog is having trouble, do not worry. Take it slow and remember safety is first.

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If you feel lonely this summer and do not feel like spending a lot of time with the people around you, adopt a pet or if you already have one, spend more time with him or her. If you have a few pets, it is even better. Plan your activities, keep the camera handy and enjoy this summer to the fullest. What are your favorite summer activities to do with your pet?