7 Healthy Summer Eating Tips

Summer is all about beach parties, picnics and BBQ. We rarely have time to cook healthy meals and often wreck our diet plans. I conducted my own research and found out that 8 out of 10 women don’t cook in summer because of hot weather while others simply forget to eat healthy because of a variety of tastier snacks and desserts.

I do agree ribs and French fries are a lot tastier than vegetable sticks and mashed cauliflower, but are they healthier? Fatty foods do more harm than good to your health, not to mention that they are bad for your waistline. This summer, stay slim and healthy by following these little yet effective eating tips.

1 Rehydrate your body

You know that you need to stay hydrated all year long, but when it comes to summer, it’s crucial to increase your water intake. I’m definitely not suggesting you force yourself to drink plain water throughout the day.

Aim to drink at least 6 glasses of plain water (or you can add some berries or lemon), 2 glasses of raw juices, and eat more water-rich foods during the day. Some of the best water-rich foods are cucumbers, peppers, spinach, watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, and cherries.

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2 Enjoy fruit-based desserts

People tend to eat ice creams during the summer season. The problem with store-bought ice-creams is that they are loaded with sugar, fillers, syrups, chemical additives, and preservatives. Rather than eat your way to weight gain, make your own fruit-based desserts, such as fruit salads and fruit snow cones, to eat your way to better health and a slender waist.

3 Avoid drinking alcohol

I know what you think – summer is not complete without alcoholic beverages. However, drinking them every other day will lead to weight gain and even certain health issues. It’s okay to enjoy one alcoholic cocktail once in a while but don’t make it a habit. It’s possible to have a lot of fun with a glass of raw juice in your hand.

4 The rawer, the better

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy fruit and vegetables, and there are many ways to do it. The best one is to eat raw food. I’d say, the rawer, the better. Most fruit and vegetables are much healthier in summer than when you eat them during the other seasons. Enjoy raw vegetable salads and smoothies, snack on fresh fruit every time you feel hungry and drink raw juices to quench your thirst.

5 Grill your food

Summer is the season of grilling, so if you have time, grill your food to eat healthy and stay slim. Grilled chicken with grilled and raw vegetables make an amazingly delicious and healthy dinner. Grilled food is low in fat, high in nutrients and low in calories when cooked correctly. Avoid using too much salt, instead, opt for fresh herbs and lemon or lime juice.

6 Eat salad for breakfast

Starting your day with a healthy salad is an easy way to stay slim all summer long. I read many studies that claim that people who have a green salad for breakfast tend to be leaner. Last summer, I used this trick, and it’s absolutely true, though it all depends on a person and the way you make your salad. Avoid using any salad dressings, which are usually loaded with extra calories, fat, and salt.

7 Experiment with snacks

There are many healthy snack ideas out there. If you are going to a beach or a party, make sure you pack your own healthy snack to avoid eating fatty foods and overeating. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are all healthy options. When choosing bread, opt for a whole-grain one. Whenever you go, bring healthy snacks with you to stay on track with your diet.

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Eating healthier during the summer season is easier and cheaper, so why not take advantage of it? Instead of reaching for that bag of potato chips, nibble on carrots, cucumbers or celery or make your own healthy chips. Instead of drinking soda and high calorie cocktails, opt for fresh juices and smoothies.

Instead of eating store-bought ice cream, consider making your own – fruit popsicles are so delis! Making a few food swaps is a lot easier than visiting doctors and sticking to strict diets. What are your healthy summer eating tips? Let me know.