Read This If You Have No Money for an Air Conditioner This Summer

No matter where you live, a good air conditioner can get you into a debt trap. I know it from my own experience, so when my AC broke two weeks ago, I decided to save money and look for some cheap ways to keep my room cool.

Skip the air conditioners this summer, because I have got a few fantastic ways to beat the heat without investing in an air conditioner, which is incredibly expensive during the summer season. Read on.

1 Hang several wet sheets around the house

There is something helpful in hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window, but it gives a temporary effect only. Instead, hang several wet sheets or towels around the room or house and do not complain that it is too cool inside. By the way, it can be really cool.

2 Set your ceiling fan for summer

If your ceiling fan spins in a clockwise direction, no wonder it is still warm in your room. If you want to create a wind chill effect set it to rotate counterclockwise. It is best if your ceiling fan runs counterclockwise at high speeds. This way, you will feel cooler faster and for longer.

3 Turn on your kitchen and bathroom fans

And a range hood, if you have. Whether you cook or not, or take a bath or not, turn on those fans to beat the heat. A range hood does the work even better than an air conditioner. Sure, you do not want to exhaust your range hood, but leave it turned on for an hour and you will forget it is hot outside.

4 Try an Egyptian method

If you have trouble sleeping at night because of the hot weather, an Egyptian method is right for you. Dampening a sheet or towel in cold water and use it instead of a blanket. Although the method sounds a bit messy, it works miracles.

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5 Make a DIY air conditioner

Fill a bowl or a pan with cold water and place it into the freezer for a few hours or overnight. Place it in front of a fan to let the breeze pick up cold water as ice melts. It will create a cooling mist and refresh your room instantly.

6 The fastest way to beat the heat

Every time I need an instant chill out effect, I just apply a cold compress or ice chunks to my wrists or groin. I found this method last summer. They suggested applying ice cubes to neck and ankles as well, but I loved the idea with the wrists.

7 Switch off your light bulbs

If you cannot say goodbye to those old light bulbs, at least limit their usage. Not only do they consume tons of energy, they do make your house warmer. Some people claim they heat their homes with light bulbs in winter (it sounds weird, I know), so the last thing you want to do is to heat your space in summer.

8 Keep the windows closed during the day

And open them late in the evening or at night. Also, make sure you keep the blinds closed too. Consider investing in some heat blocking curtains. We definitely love the sun, but only in the house when it is super hot outside. It okay to be a vampire during the hot weather. Enjoy the sun early in the morning – you can leave the blinds open at night to wake up easier.

9 Sip cold or iced water throughout the day

Unless you have a weak immune system and are prone to having a sore throat after drinking a cold beverage or eating ice cream, sipping cold or iced water throughout the day will help you reduce your body temperature and feel more refreshed in a stuffy room.

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Save money on an air conditioner and use these little tricks to beat the heat this summer. But do not run to an extreme. Remember about your health. Taking cold showers and drinking iced water can lead to disease. What are your tips for beating the heat without AC?