7 Tips for Protecting Yourself from Summer Dangers

Like many other seasons of the year, summer has its advantages and disadvantages. There are certain summer dangers that can damage your health and even pose a hazard to your life. I don’t want to scare the daylights out of you. I just want you to be more cautious this summer, because sometimes lack of knowledge can play Old Harry with you.

If you prefer to lead an active lifestyle and travel a lot, you should take all possible risks into account. It will give you an opportunity to keep a healthy skin, prevent you from getting into complicated situations and make your life easier and more convenient.

Heat is not the only thing that can spoil your summer vacation or affect your well-being. During the summer season, you can face dozens of other hazards and dangers. I hope this article will help you enjoy this wonderful summer and feel happy regardless of everything.

1 Air conditioners

Nowadays, many people think that air conditioner is the best solution for summer heat. They use millions of modern air conditioners to keep their houses, offices and cars cool in summer. Unfortunately, this at first glance nice choice is not suitable for everyone. For example, I cannot be in an air conditioned room for a long period of time, because my throat starts to tickle and sometimes even hurts. I’m not the only one who’s extremely sensitive to cold air. Many other people are suffering from the same problem as well.

Why does it happen? It’s been scientifically proven that air conditioning removes moisture from the air and triggers common health disorders and even exerts negative influence on the environment. If you have any health issues, you should do your best to cool your home naturally and try not to spend a lot of time in air-conditioned rooms.

2 Be cautious when swimming

When the temperatures rise, we tend to spend more time in the water, swimming and diving. Lots of people go to the seaside to make their vacations pleasant, memorable and unforgettable. Those ones who live far from the oceans and seas usually cool off in swimming pools or lakes during the summer months. Unfortunately, thousands of people die from drowning. I think that it happens because we often don’t pay a considerable attention to water hazards and forget to stick to water safety rules. Never go swimming or diving alone, especially is the waters that are absolutely unfamiliar. Try to swim with a friend who’ll give you a helping hand in case of need.

Young mothers and daddies should always keep in mind that kids’ swimming pools aren’t less dangerous than lakes or seas. If you have kids, you shouldn’t let them out of your sight even for one minute for the sake of their safety.

3 Keep clear of street racers

I’ve noticed that in winter people drive cars more carefully due to severe weather conditions. But in summer, when the roads are dry, we often lose our vigilance and violate higher speed limits. Furthermore, many of my male friends spend huge sums of money on modifying their cars for better performance, because they cannot imagine their lives without the pursuit of speed. Every night these speed junkies drive their unbelievably beautiful and upgraded cars, looking for a large portion of adrenaline. Frankly speaking, the roar of their cars’ engines usually makes my skin crawl. Sometimes, it seems that they’re afraid of nothing.

Flying through traffic is very dangerous for both drivers and passengers. I like modified sport cars and speed as well, but I think that public streets are not the best place for racing and stunt driving. If you don’t want to become a car accident victim, you should always keep your weather eye open, even if you’re just a passenger.

4 Poisonous animals and insects

Even the thought of poisonous insects makes me tremble in every limb. Without a doubt, every second person in the world suffers from the same phobia. But this common phobia is not ungrounded, because venomous insects and animals are very aggressive and dangerous, especially in summer.

When walking barefoot on grass or soil be extremely carefully, because you can easily step on different poisonous spiders. The most belligerent summer spiders are brown recluse ones and black widows. If you’re a city dweller, then the risks of being stung by insects are significantly lower, but there’s no room for complacency, because these unbidden guests can invade your home.

Don’t get panic-stricken about it. As usual, insects nest in sheds, basements and other seldom disturbed, dark corners. Try to explain your kids, using visual aids that spiders and other insects are not toys or friends.

5 Dehydration

Have you ever heard something about dehydration? Dehydration is a health condition that leads to a significant loss of the body’s liquids. This trouble usually happens in summer due to hot weather. But it doesn’t mean that you should control your water balance only in summer. Water is important to your body all year long. Human body is very smart. It starts cooling itself through perspiration. You might know that the process of perspiration makes your body lose a large amount of fluid and useful minerals.

Make sure you drink 8 glasses of plain water a day and incorporate more water-rich foods into your eating plan. It’s desirable to drink and eat it often, but a little at a time. It will help your body absorb and assimilate water, restore fluid balance and avoid dehydration.

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6 Weather dangers

The nature has always been incredibly powerful in the face of humanity. Nowadays, people try to predict the weather, using electronic technologies, but unfortunately these predictions aren’t always correct. If you don’t want any weather hazards to catch you on the hop, you should know how to act in one or another extreme case.

In summer you can suffer from hurricanes, thunderstorms, floods, droughts and other dangers. When I lived in Florida, I had always been afraid of hurricanes and tornadoes. These hazardous, but, at the same time, unbelievably beautiful natural phenomena can cause you a lot of problems or even kill you, if don’t take all appropriate measures to run away. No matter what weather danger may happen this summer, you should always be careful and develop a rescue plan in advance.

7 Heat stroke

Summer heat is a real challenge for both your body and mind. Your body has a unique ability to regulate its temperature and adapt to new weather conditions, if necessary, but long-term and extremely high temperatures can lead to thermoregulatory failure and cause heat stroke.

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, then you have a high risk of getting heat exhaustion that can turn into heat stroke with lighting speed. Listen to your body signals and if you’re feeling bad, you should take immediate measures to cool down your body, because heat stroke is a serious life-threatening condition.

Although sitting at home in an air-conditioned room is the best and the most effective way to protect yourself from summer hazards, it’s not the choice of highly successful people who’re used to live their lives to the fullest.

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Summer is a fun season but when you’re not careful, it can be ruined in a jiff. Stay away from any summer hazards and don’t plan to visit any dangerous destinations. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Have a happy summer! Don’t forget to share your funniest summer stories with us.