8 Unusual Places to Visit This Summer

Oct 25, 2022

Although summer is months away, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about your vacation now. Unless you are a millionaire, you have to save some cash for your trip, and the earlier you start, the more you will have. However, saving money for your vacation is not the only problem you need to solve. You need to choose the place you want to visit this summer. While many websites and travel agencies recommend visiting some of the most popular (but extremely expensive!) vacation destinations, I’m going to recommend you to visit less popular but more unique and beautiful summer destinations.

1 Hasankeyf, Turkey

Located in southeastern Turkey, Hasankeyf is a beautiful ancient town and one of the most unusual places to visit this summer. When we hear about Turkey, we usually think of the popular places such as Istanbul, Ankara and Bodrum. But Turkey is a land of magnificent places that can teach you a lot of useful things. Hasankeyf is not known for its clubs, restaurants and hotels, but it’s the place where you will learn how to appreciate the nature, your life and time. It’s the place where you can enjoy your trip without stress and anxiety, where you can find the purpose of life and where time doesn’t fly as fast as in any big city.

Hasankeyf boasts a rich history, incredible culture and great cuisine. You can visit one of the caves in the cliffs that surround the city. There are also many other things to see in Hasankeyf, including The Old Tigris Bridge, Great Palace, Small Palace, Kizlar Mosque, The Citadel, and some other historic places. The weather during the summer season is rather hot, so don’t forget your sunscreen.

2 Sibiu, Romania

Romania is not as popular as Czech Republic, for example, however, it boasts some awesome places that many travelers don’t even know about. I have a friend from Sibiu who invited me to visit this small and quiet yet mysterious city last summer. Party lovers should probably skip this place, while people who want to explore new things and see new and unusual places should definitely plan their trip to Sibiu this summer. Sibiu has well-preserved medieval buildings, which seem to be out of a horror movie or a fairy tale. The sights are absolutely breathtaking, so don’t forget your camera! You will have many unique pictures and no one would ever guess where you spent your vacation. The great news is that Sibiu is a cheap destination, so even if you are on a tight budget, you can save some cash and visit the city this summer without wrecking your budget.

3 Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a great exotic destination to spend your vacation or honeymoon. Situated west of Fiji, Vanuatu consists of a group of amazing islands. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to visit all those islands, but this summer I’m planning to visit Espiritu Santo. My close friend highly recommends me this Island of hidden treasures and he showed me plenty of charming pictures so I just can’t miss this place.

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4 Antarctica

If you are tired of those crowded beaches, hot sun, and exotic destinations and you want to visit an unusual place this summer, Antarctica is right for you. Not only will you escape from the hot summer, you will see the places most people are afraid to visit. This summer take a guided tour to see the world’s most untouched places. Again, you will need a camera to capture the most breathtaking pictures you’ve ever taken.

5 Quito, Ecuador

If you are an adventurous person and you are looking for a breathtaking destination that offers plenty of super fun and physical activities, consider spending your summer vacation in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Rafting, paddling, trekking and hiking in the rainforest, canoe trips, and swimming are among the best things to try in Quito. You will also have a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the mysterious Inca culture and see a few fantastic examples of Inca architecture.

6 Myanmar

Myanmar is the perfect place for both experienced travelers and people who’ve never traveled before. It’s only recently opened for travelers so you can visit this place first and then recommend it to your friends. You may not find luxury hotels, top-flight restaurants and free Wi-Fi at every corner in Myanmar, however, you will find breathtakingly fabulous temples, plenty of interesting sights, spectacular beaches, and learn about a new culture and some of their common traditions. Local people are extremely friendly so feel free to ask questions and make new friends.

7 San Sebastian, Spain

Spain is one of my favorite countries. I have lived in Spain for two years and know many hidden places that most travelers don’t know about. San Sebastian is one of them. It boasts captivating beaches, incredibly perfect weather, wonderful nature, scrumptious food and friendly people. San Sebastian is not as crowded as many other exotic places, which makes it the perfect place to visit this summer.

8 Chile

Have you ever visited the place where you can go from sub-Antarctic to sub-tropical while staying in the same country? As a huge travel junkie I can say that it’s hard to find such place, but you don’t have to travel around the world to find that place. I did that job for you! I recommend you to visit Chile this year. One of the most picturesque places to visit in Chile is the Torres del Paine National Park. Be sure to visit the Atacama Desert, where you can watch the dazzling stars and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are many other amazing places to visit in Chile such as La Serena, Pucon, Santiago, Valparaiso and many others.

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These are some of the less popular yet beautiful places you can visit this summer. If you can’t visit them in summer, don’t worry, you can visit them any time of the year. I know there are many more hidden places that are worth visiting, but let’s start with these eight destinations. Choose the place you like and consider saving some money starting today. Let me know about your favorite places that you want to visit this year!