8 Unusual Places to Visit This Summer

Feb 11, 2015

Although summer is months away, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about your vacation now. Unless you are a millionaire, you have to save some cash for your trip, and the earlier you start, the more you will have. However, saving money for your vacation is not the only problem you need to solve. You need to choose the place you want to visit this summer. While many websites and travel agencies recommend visiting some of the most popular (but extremely expensive!) vacation destinations, I’m going to recommend you to visit less popular but more unique and beautiful summer destinations.

1 Hasankeyf, Turkey

Located in southeastern Turkey, Hasankeyf is a beautiful ancient town and one of the most unusual places to visit this summer. When we hear about Turkey, we usually think of the popular places such as Istanbul, Ankara and Bodrum. But Turkey is a land of magnificent places that can teach you a lot of useful things. Hasankeyf is not known for its clubs, restaurants and hotels, but it’s the place where you will learn how to appreciate the nature, your life and time. It’s the place where you can enjoy your trip without stress and anxiety, where you can find the purpose of life and where time doesn’t fly as fast as in any big city.

Hasankeyf boasts a rich history, incredible culture and great cuisine. You can visit one of the caves in the cliffs that surround the city. There are also many other things to see in Hasankeyf, including The Old Tigris Bridge, Great Palace, Small Palace, Kizlar Mosque, The Citadel, and some other historic places. The weather during the summer season is rather hot, so don’t forget your sunscreen.