10 Best Second Honeymoon Destinations

Dec 11, 2019

Looking for the perfect destination for your second honeymoon? Then look no further because I’ve got the list of some of the best second honeymoon destinations. Taking a second honeymoon isn’t only a fabulous way to reconnect and rekindle romance, but it’s also an excellent excuse to treat yourself and your partner to the ultimate escape. Here are a few fantastic second honeymoon destinations to consider. Spice up your romantic life by going on your second honeymoon, you won’t regret it.

1 Lyon, France

You might be surprised to see Lyon on the list of the best second honeymoon destinations, but it’s actually a beautiful place for couples. Paris is also beautiful, but it’s quite rushed and swamped with tourists, even during the cold winter months. The third biggest city in France, Lyon celebrates the Festival of Lights every 8th of December. This is a celebration of gratitude to the Blessed Virgin Mary who saved the city from a plague during the Middle Ages. If you are not planning to visit Lyon in winter, don’t worry, there are many wonderful things to see and to do in Lyon. Just don’t forget to try the well-known Lyonnaise cuisine.

2 Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza has something to offer everyone, especially couples. Just imagine lying on the gorgeous beach holding hands with your sweetheart. Breathtakingly beautiful sunsets are a big part of what keeps couples coming back year after year. Enjoy your second honeymoon and have lots of fun with your partner! You two deserve it!

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3 Prague, Czech Republic

Just look at the picture and you will understand why Prague is a fascinating second honeymoon destination. The picturesque city has many sights, luxury hotels as well as a great number of romantic restaurants to enjoy excellent cuisine with your partner. Prague is a living and breathing city of everything gothic and baroque.

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4 Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan boasts plenty of magnificent pagodas. It’s a great place to spend years with your sweetheart. Enjoy the breathtaking view of all these pagodas, temples and stupas from the Nanmyint Viewing Tower, or consider doing an aerial view in a hot air balloon. Bagan is especially beautiful at sunset!

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5 Maui, Hawaii

Maui is well-known for its captivating white sandy beaches, warm and diverse Hawaiian culture and a vibrant nightlife; to say nothing of the breathtaking view of the sunset. With volcanoes to tour, trails to hike and jungles to explore, Maui is the perfect destination to stretch your married legs. The best times to visit Maui are September through November and April through May. So start planning your second honeymoon right now.

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6 Petra, Jordan

While Petra isn’t as romantic as Maui, for instance, it’s incredibly interesting place for your second honeymoon. Petra is an archaeological and historical city, perfect for learning and discovery. It’s Jordan’s most valuable treasure and biggest tourist attraction.

There are many places to explore so make sure you and your partner wear comfortable walking shoes, sun hats, and always carry plenty of drinking water to stay hydrated and energized. If you are planning to take photos, the best times to see Petra are early to mid-morning and late afternoon when the angled sun enhances and highlights the natural colors of the rocks.

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7 Venice, Italy

Venice is the city of beautiful canals, gondolas and excellent Italian cooking. While this honeymoon destination isn’t cheap, it’s worth your money. Just imagine being in a gondola with your sweetheart while the gondolier breaks into a romantic Italian song as he rows past the narrow Venice canals. This enchanting city is ideal for your second honeymoon.

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8 Crete, Greece

Crete offers varied experiences, from beach bum lazing to jungle adventures. This Greek island boasts gorgeous sandy beaches which hide among majestic mountains, breathtaking palm-tree forests which grow in the middle of sprawling plains, and vibrant modern cities which share coastline with spectacular ancient ruins.

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9 Seychelles

If you are ready to splurge on your second honeymoon, consider visiting Seychelles. The secluded islands of Seychelles are known for their breathtakingly beautiful beach scenes and luxury seaside retreats. This destination is rather expensive, but with porcelain sands, aqua waves, swaying palms and large boulders, it is really worth the money. However, if you plan your second honeymoon for November or April, you will save on travel expenses. Just make sure you plan a few months in advance.

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10 Kauai, Hawaii

This beautiful Hawaiian island boasts great private villas on secluded beaches, which make for an ideal honeymoon. If you and your partner are an adventurous couple, you can kayak down the Wailua River, hike through the Na Pali Coast, or explore Waimea Canyon. While you might need a good pair of hiking boots and an adventurous spirit to visit Kauai, you might also need more money, especially if you visit it in winter. To save your hard-earned money, consider visiting Kauai in fall.

I think a second honeymoon is a must in any relationship. It’s a wonderful opportunity to relax, have fun and spend some quality time with your partner. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to travel and to see some new places. Are you planning a second honeymoon? What’s your favorite second honeymoon destination?