10 Best Second Honeymoon Destinations

Nov 10, 2019

Looking for the perfect destination for your second honeymoon? Then look no further because I’ve got the list of some of the best second honeymoon destinations. Taking a second honeymoon isn’t only a fabulous way to reconnect and rekindle romance, but it’s also an excellent excuse to treat yourself and your partner to the ultimate escape. Here are a few fantastic second honeymoon destinations to consider. Spice up your romantic life by going on your second honeymoon, you won’t regret it.

1 Lyon, France

You might be surprised to see Lyon on the list of the best second honeymoon destinations, but it’s actually a beautiful place for couples. Paris is also beautiful, but it’s quite rushed and swamped with tourists, even during the cold winter months. The third biggest city in France, Lyon celebrates the Festival of Lights every 8th of December. This is a celebration of gratitude to the Blessed Virgin Mary who saved the city from a plague during the Middle Ages. If you are not planning to visit Lyon in winter, don’t worry, there are many wonderful things to see and to do in Lyon. Just don’t forget to try the well-known Lyonnaise cuisine.