Romantic Getaways on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island might be small, but it offers many different types of accommodations. Families will most likely choose to stay at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort or Marriot’s SurfWatch. And those looking for a short weekend getaway will often opt to stay at Hampton Inn Hilton Head.

If a romantic getaway is what you’re looking for, consider Hilton Oceanfront Resort Hilton Head Island or Hilton Garden Inn Hilton Head. You can’t go wrong either way, but we’ll cover the differences below in order to help with your decision.

The Hilton Head Resort

The best way to offer a mental picture of Hilton Head Resort Hilton Head Island is to imagine what the nicest hotel in the 1980s looked like. That is the Hilton Head Resort on Hilton Head Island in a nutshell. The décor and furniture are not outdated; it’s just ‘80s style that somehow works in a modern day world. Everything about this hotel is large, especially the rooms and the beach.

Many of the rooms have private balconies but don’t get too excited because the beach views are often obstructed by palm trees. This is the only real negative for this hotel. Positives include a family pool and an adult pool, a private beach, bicycle rentals, a concierge, ping pong, 24-hour room service, adjoining rooms, in-room kitchens, free newspapers, free breakfast, and cleanliness.

The hotel also has a very wise pet policy. Instead of an overall ‘Pets Allowed’ policy, they only allow pets in certain rooms. Of course, these rooms are next to other rooms that allow pets. The ambiance here is one of subtle romance.

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The Hilton Garden Inn Hilton Head

The Hilton Garden Inn Hilton Head is a little bit more romantic. It’s obvious that’s what they were shooting for with their design. One thing you should know right off the bat is that this hotel is not on the beach. It’s on the inter-coastal waterway. This is not necessarily a negative.

Many people enjoy these views because they offer something different. This location also leads to a more laid back atmosphere, especially with what should be considered a bird sanctuary behind the hotel. The lobby here is gorgeous, and the pool is close to a 10.

The beds are comfortable, and the bathrooms are well above average. There is also a whirlpool and a business center on the property. The two negatives are poor lighting in the rooms and a breakfast fee. Everything about the hotel is modern, which most guests appreciate.

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Deciding between these two hotels is simple. If you’re a beach person, stay at Hilton Oceanfront Resort Hilton Head Island. If a romantic atmosphere is a priority, stay at Hilton Garden Inn Hilton Head. That said, it would be a shame to experience only one and miss out on the other. Both hotels are impressive enough that you should attempt to visit one this year and the other next year.