Where to Travel Based on Your Zodiac Sign (Ophiuchus included)

Sep 28, 2016

The vacation horoscopes out there already might have been flipped slightly about now that there’s a new zodiac sign about. Whether or not your stars have changed, you are still you. And that wanderlust you’ve been putting off isn’t going to disappear (yes, Virgo, even yours). Here is some astrology-based inspiration for your next travel destination.

Because of the shift in astrological signs, I suggest looking at what your sign used to be and what sign you are now considered and see which personality traits match up to you best. Also, if you have a traveling partner, take a glance at their suggestions. Who knows, maybe you share a common destination.

1 Aries (April 19th – May 13th)

Aries is a sign that is independent, restless, and a die-hard thrill seeker. This signs seeks out those moments that make you shiver with suspense. Sitting by a pool side is definitely not something Arians enjoy for long intervals.

Formulating your own adventure will suit you best as an Aries, particularly the ones that take you into foreign lands. Perhaps hiking through the Carpathian Mountains or around Bulgaria’s villages, climbing Mt. Fuji, surfing in Hawaii, and island-hopping in the Mediterranean will be of interest to an Aries.