Where to Travel Based on Your Zodiac Sign (Ophiuchus included)

Sep 28, 2016

The vacation horoscopes out there already might have been flipped slightly about now that there’s a new zodiac sign about. Whether or not your stars have changed, you are still you. And that wanderlust you’ve been putting off isn’t going to disappear (yes, Virgo, even yours). Here is some astrology-based inspiration for your next travel destination.

Because of the shift in astrological signs, I suggest looking at what your sign used to be and what sign you are now considered and see which personality traits match up to you best. Also, if you have a traveling partner, take a glance at their suggestions. Who knows, maybe you share a common destination.

1 Aries (April 19th – May 13th)

Aries is a sign that is independent, restless, and a die-hard thrill seeker. This signs seeks out those moments that make you shiver with suspense. Sitting by a pool side is definitely not something Arians enjoy for long intervals.

Formulating your own adventure will suit you best as an Aries, particularly the ones that take you into foreign lands. Perhaps hiking through the Carpathian Mountains or around Bulgaria’s villages, climbing Mt. Fuji, surfing in Hawaii, and island-hopping in the Mediterranean will be of interest to an Aries.

2 Taurus (May 14th – June 19th)

Any Taurus will admit to questing for the little pleasantries in life, even if that means splurging on sheets with a higher thread count. This earth sign also features warm-heartedness and compassion. A placid, tranquil environment allows Taurus to open up and relax completely.

To get some luxury and rejuvenation, a Taurus should head out to the wine country of New Zealand, Australia, or California; check into an oceanfront hotel in Florida, USA or Phuket; or take a dip in Iceland’s hot springs.

3 Gemini (June 20th – July 20th)

This sign emanates the need for travel and social environments. Though metropolitan regions sometimes turn a Gemini away, places with potential for conversation have a gravitational force. Gemini is also highly adaptable and find challenges extremely fulfilling.

Since this sign bores easily, they are not the kind for a one-and-done destination. London, Britain; New York City, USA; San Francisco, USA; Seoul, Korea; and Sydney, Australia are fantastic for the city-slicker because of the options inside and outside of city limits.

4 Cancer (July 21st – Aug 9th)

Water signs seem to love socializing with family and friends in a close-knit setting, especially the domestic Cancer. Though leaving home is not something that comes naturally (or comfortably) for Cancer, answering the call of the ocean will put this zodiac sign to ease.

The best travel locations for Cancer should be beside water and low-key. For example, visiting Nantucket or Cape Cod, Maine; renting a cabin in the European Alps for skiing; sunbathing in Valencia, Spain; or snapping photographs of rainforest birds on an Amazon River cruise.

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5 Leo (Aug 10th – Sept 15th)

Fiery energy and a need for dramatic environments are something unique to Leos. If there is a spotlight, a Leo wants to be in it or investigating it. Depending on what type of Leo you are – adventurous or the party-animal – you will find that certain situations satisfy the need for action better than others.

For example, an all-inclusive deal in Cozumel or Cancun, Mexico might not be as enticing for the Leo who seeks to delve into the mystery of Xel-ha or Tulum. Other places for Leo includes safaris in Africa, checking out playhouses in Venice, snorkeling in Montego Bay, Jamaica or Turks and Caicos.

6 Virgo (Sept 16th – Oct 30th)

Details and architecture play into Virgo’s need for perfection. Schedules and routine may also guide this zodiac sign when choosing a place to visit. Virgos also seek budget-friendly destinations that will met their lifestyle expectations.

At the same time, a Virgo needs a mix of dynamism and tranquility. The best places are seeing world wonders like the Grand Canyon in Colorado, USA; the skyscrapers and hot springs of Tokyo; seeing the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican in Italy, or marveling at the architecture and artwork around Kiev, Ukraine.

7 Libra (Oct 31st – Nov 22nd)

Variety means everything to this zodiac sign, as does striking a balance between spontaneous adventures and well-planned excursions. A Libra will not be happy with a set itinerary, so locations that offer a little bit of everything are best.

The other thing that might play a role in Libra’s decision-making is romance. The recommended destinations are exploring the quiet suburbs of Great Britain and traversing the highlands of Scotland, perusing the fashionable streets of Brussels, and enjoying the culture of Vienna.

8 Scorpio (Nov 23rd – Nov 29th)

Because having the best and getting the pampered are two of Scorpio’s joys, anything remotely off the grid spells dissatisfaction. Scorpio wants the finer things in life, like an elegant or romantic setting befitting their zest for life.

Visiting palaces in France, wine-tasting in Tuscany, snorkeling in Pacific waters around Hawaii or Cabo San Lucas, and “glamping” in Tanzania will suit a Scorpio’s tastes.

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9 Ophiuchus (Nov 30th – Dec 17th)

The newest member of the zodiac world comes in like a whirlwind in every sense. Ophiuchans are flamboyant when it comes to fashion and are in love with design. They are natural leaders and healers. Strong and just. Unlike other zodiac signs, Ophiuchus is attributed to an actual person.

Imhotep from Egypt. Perhaps going to Egypt and seeing the pyramids will awaken something within the wandering Ophiuchan that hasn’t been exhumed yet. Other places include the Australian Outback, hiking through the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, or checking out the ancient of Bagan in Myanmar.

10 Sagittarius (Dec 18th – Jan 18th)

Travelers to the core, nothing satiates a Sagittarius like taking on the world. Whether it is intense cultural immersion or soul-seeking on the farthest reaches of this planet, for a Sagittarius, adventure is everywhere.

Therefore, the ideal vacation are places with a mix of both: hiking through the forests of Hokkaido, Japan; backpacking through Mongolia; trekking through northern India; or seeing the aurora in Finland.

11 Capricorn (Jan 19th – Feb 15th)

Although reserved and disciplined, Capricorns do enjoy having fun. Group vacations or family gatherings are ideal for happiness. Plus, they cannot remain idle forever. So, the recommended destinations for a Capricorn must include a balance of relaxation as well as adventure.

A cruise that allows the passengers to move about islands or coastlines is perfect – take an Alaskan cruise or a Caribbean adventure that makes multiple stops along its course, giving Capricorn time to meet new people and explore.

12. Aquarius (Feb 16th – Mar 11th)

Since Aquarius is a very individual sign, with each person under it developing their own preferences, pinning down what is best for them is hard. Airy, inquisitive, but also one for routine. Avoid those repeat adventures, Aquarius. Give into your need to roam.

Pack your bags for a Chinese excursion, hitting famous cities and countryside as you go; take a bike tour through cities in Germany that are full of history and intrigue; and visit national parks and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

13 Pisces (Mar 12th – April 18th)

The sensitivity of Pisces means that highly populated places can be too overstimulating. Peace is needed to maintain composure. Natural wonders will placate this water sign’s need for escape from the daily routine.

Go on a yoga retreat in India or participate in a meditation retreat in Tibet; rent an overwater bungalow in Fiji; or visit Seven Hells hot springs in Beppu, Japan.

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Even though the 13th zodiac sign Ophiuchus was not officially included in the Zodiac, many people born from Nov 30th – Dec 17th believe they belong to this zodiac. The bottom line: travel to the destination you feel like visiting. The destinations mentioned in the article are only suggestions.