10 Most Popular Private Jet Destinations

Dec 12, 2019

Flying private is not considered a luxury these days. It is confidential and comfortable. Choosing flying on a private plane instead of a commercial airline saves you the time, stress and annoyance of going through those dreaded security lines or waiting for delayed flights.

With a great variety of private jet charter companies, it is easy to fly to the different parts of the world in comfort without going broke. Wondering what the most popular private jet destinations are? Keep reading and you will find it out right away.

1 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

With most private jet trip requests to date, Las Vegas has held the top spot for 2 years in a row. The spring and summer months were the top booking periods of 2019.

With dozens of casinos, imitation architecture, large top-flight hotels, and fantastic entertainment, it is no wonder why Las Vegas is the most popular resort city in the United States and one of the most popular private jet destinations.