10 Fascinating Vacation Destinations 2016

Feb 1, 2016

Have you taken a resolution to see more of the world, and immerse yourself in as many different cultures as you possibly can in 2016? I know I have, and I’ve decided to share with you ten vacation destinations that are on my personal itinerary that you should absolutely not miss this year. Luckily, some of these destinations are budget-friendly.

1 Barcelona, Spain

The capital of Spain’s Catalonia region has a rich distinctive culture that sets it apart from the rest of Spain. The city is a must-see for architecture aficionados as it provides a unique exhibit of how old-world and modern architecture styles have harmoniously been blended together to provide quite a breathtaking experience.

Art-lovers will find this city to be paradise, with the city boasting around 55 art galleries and museums covering a breadth of fascinating subjects. After travelling around the city by a well-connected metro system, weary travelers are advised to enjoy a light cava with a serving of tapas, following which they can put their party hats on and hit Las Ramblas, a crowded street frequented by party-goers at night.