9 Popular Tourist Attractions Being Destroyed by Tourists

Nov 10, 2019

People strive to see and visit as many beautiful places as possible before they die. It’s a great desire. Travel broadens our horizons. We expose ourselves to new cultures and languages, and learn many interesting things about the world history and overall life. Unfortunately, many tourists ruin places they visit – whether they want it or not. We don’t follow rules, especially when they are absent in many countries. We touch and scratch, pee and poop, and litter. The worst thing is many tourists refuse to admit their faults. Some of them even engrave their initials on ancient statues. The best thing is that some tourist attractions are closed to visitors and I think it’s a wise decision.

1 Ancient Egyptian tombs, the Valley of the Kings

Tourists have been ruining delicate wall paintings for years. How? Scratching, engraving and taking flash photos are some of reasons why Ancient Egyptian tombs may disappear in a few years. Many psychics claim that tourists also don’t allow dead people rest in peace. Every time a visitor touch or open a tomb, they disturb the soul of the dead, leaving them roam the Earth until they find peace again. Would you be happy if someone opened your tomb and disturb your peaceful soul?

2 Venice, Italy

Venice is known for its impressive cruise ships. Over 20 million people visit this romantic place each year, and of course, most of them take cruise ships. The result is the messed up water line and cracked old buildings, not to mention all the rubbish some tourist randomly leave. Even though tourists help the city’s economy, they are slowly destroying the whole city.

3 The Colosseum

The history of Colosseum is astonishing. Its beauty is breathtaking. One of the most surviving wonders of the ancient world, the Colosseum is the place that we should watch like a hawk. The effects of pollution and tourism have taken their toll on the ancient building. Tourist engrave their initials on the walls of the Roman amphitheater and even chip off some pieces to bring home as a souvenir.

4 Majorca, Spain

Majorca is one of the most favorite destinations of all party junkies. Drunk tourists have turned this spectacular and peaceful island into a noisy and dull destination. There are tons of screaming, naked and rude tourists that prevent locals from living a peaceful life in this paradise. Majorca has also been plagued by balcony fall deaths.

5 Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Tourists are ruining everything at Angkor Wat. They take naked selfies, touch ancient carvings, and engrave their names. Even though tourism helps to maintain and protect Cambodia’s rich archeological heritage, each day at least one tourist does more harm than good. If you are going to visit Angkor Wat, please be a smart tourist who appreciates those vine-encrusted temples and the overall surroundings.

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6 The Great Wall of China

Tourists are different. Some of them appreciate the history and efforts of people who created the current tourist destination, while others don’t care about anything but themselves. I know it from my own experience. Each tourist group has at least two people who want to jump, climb, scratch their names, chip off a piece of the stone, etc. The Great Wall of China is always overcrowded, which means it’s been ruining day by day.

7 Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England

One of my favorite tourist attractions that I try to visit every year. Every time I visit Stonehenge, I see a shocking picture. Chipped stones that have been moved from their original positions. Carved names and symbols on the stones. Some tourists behave like kids on the playground. As far as I know, nowadays visitors are not allowed to touch the stones, but there are always someone who wants to break the rule.

8 Mount Everest

Hundreds of climbers reach the Everest summit each year. While many climbers are neat and well-bred, others leave heaps of garbage and things they just don’t need or want to carry. They are damaging the environment of the mountains without realizing it. Reaching the Everest summit and returning alive are two important things for tourists. But it’s also crucially important how you reach it.

9 Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu had been untouched for centuries. Today it’s a popular tourist destination that people from all parts of the world, including me, want to visit. It’s obvious but a great number of tourists is threatening the fortitude of the ancient ruins. Perhaps the ancient city wasn’t built for hundreds of thousands of people that’s why it can easily be ruined. If you want your grandchildren to see Machu Picchu, appreciate this tourist attraction.

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Let’s become more self-conscious and think about the future generations. They will also want to see the remains of ancient history. When visiting any place, avoid drinking, smoking and don’t litter. If every one of us will take care of nature and all its wonders, our grandchildren will have an opportunity to see those fascinating destinations as well. Are you a conscious traveler? What was your biggest travel mistake?