9 Popular Tourist Attractions Being Destroyed by Tourists

Nov 10, 2019

People strive to see and visit as many beautiful places as possible before they die. It’s a great desire. Travel broadens our horizons. We expose ourselves to new cultures and languages, and learn many interesting things about the world history and overall life. Unfortunately, many tourists ruin places they visit – whether they want it or not. We don’t follow rules, especially when they are absent in many countries. We touch and scratch, pee and poop, and litter. The worst thing is many tourists refuse to admit their faults. Some of them even engrave their initials on ancient statues. The best thing is that some tourist attractions are closed to visitors and I think it’s a wise decision.

1 Ancient Egyptian tombs, the Valley of the Kings

Tourists have been ruining delicate wall paintings for years. How? Scratching, engraving and taking flash photos are some of reasons why Ancient Egyptian tombs may disappear in a few years. Many psychics claim that tourists also don’t allow dead people rest in peace. Every time a visitor touch or open a tomb, they disturb the soul of the dead, leaving them roam the Earth until they find peace again. Would you be happy if someone opened your tomb and disturb your peaceful soul?