7 Most Breathtaking Ancient Ruins in Peru

Apr 14, 2015

Peru is a beautiful country to explore. This fact is attested to by its booming tourism industry, which comes third only to fishing and mining. In fact, the tourism industry of Peru is growing at a faster rate than any of its South American neighbors. Tourists come to see the Peruvian Amazon, to experience the food and culture, to explore the cities, to spend time at beaches, and, of course, to see Peru’s many ancient ruins. Here are 7 of the top, must-see ancient ruins in Peru:

1 Machu Picchu

Though Peru has much more to offer than Machu Picchu, this popular site is still a staple in Peruvian site-seeing, and for good reason. Located high on a mountain ridge, this 15th-century Inca city is beautiful and a lot of fun to explore. Just make sure to disturb the site as little as possible and to clean up after yourself when you go.