10 Most Breathtaking Places to Travel in 2022

Feb 11, 2022

2022 will hopefully bring everyone the ability to travel to wherever their heart desires. With the world seemingly becoming smaller thanks to technology and social media, choosing where to go for vacation or adventure has never been easier.

However, have you ever considered going off the beaten trail? Here is a list of ten places where the crowd does not usually go, so you can create your own journey and discover just how much of the world has yet to be seen.

1 Schoenau am Konigssee, Germany

A paradise for those who love disconnecting from technology and venturing out into pure nature. This tiny town is at the foot of an emerald-green lake called Konigssee in the Berchtesgaden Alps. Schonau and Konigssee municipalities are the birthplaces of the bobsleigh, luge, and the skeleton track – the oldest permanent track worldwide.

The picturesque setting creates an atmosphere of true tranquility in this quiet mountain town. When there, admire the snowy scenery, take a boat tour on the lake, or visit the St. Bartholoma, a church with rounded dome spires.

There is a historical castle within the town too, but it has been converted to a luxury restaurant. Or you can visit the Der Fischer vom Koenigssee, which is a fish house and eatery all in one. Mountain peaks can be reached either by hiking or by taking a cable car up to the top.

2 Aberdeen, Scotland

So many people frequent Glasgow and Edinburgh that Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire often are forgotten. Aberdeen is an amazing location in the UK that has a little bit of everything. For golfers, the northern reaches of Scotland offer amazing putting opportunities. Over 70 courses exist!

Then, I cannot go without mentioning the multitude of fantastical castles. Scotland has over 300 castles in total, and many of them are a short drive from Aberdeen. Optional to driving to each of the castles in and around Aberdeen, you can take a hot air balloon and fly over them.

When you get tired of visiting the historical sites and museums, Aberdeen has beaches (where you can participate in dolphin-watching), national parks and reserves, and a Malt Whisky Trail that leads you through various distilleries.

3 Oaxaca, Mexico

Pronounced “wah-HAH-kah,” this place is far from your usual vision of Spring Breakers in Cancun. Oaxaca is one of the safest locations in Mexico, and it is also one of the artsiest. Those who love food will love Oaxaca, which is called “land of the 7 moles (the sauce).” These sauces are made with various ingredients, like chocolate, and there are tours where you can sample all of them in a single day.

Another thing that you must try is the Mezcal, liquor from the maguey agave that can only be made in Oaxaca. Should you love shopping, this beautiful city has that too. Oaxaca is the home of Mexican artisans, and their work is prized throughout the world.

Tapestries, balsa wood figurines, clothing – you do not only buy, but you can also learn how to make them yourself. There are also ruins, museums, whimsical festivals, and a beautiful culture tying it all together.

4 Fukuoka, Japan

Like Tokyo but ten times cheaper, Fukuoka is a modern city, meaning that you will not find most of the “Edo” feel that you get from wandering around the streets of Tokyo, but that does not matter. Fukuoka is a thrumming hub of energy, connected by various train systems. Everything is within reach, and by that, I mean the entire essence of Japan.

Fukuoka has shrines and temples dating back to the 8th century, Nagahama ramen, astounding parks, amusement parks, and dozens of museums and aquariums. Nearby, you can also find the famous cat island, Ainoshima. If you want to see Japanese culture, food, and drink crammed into one place, you head to Nakasu, which has over 3500 restaurants and bars on a single street. Who needs Tokyo when you have Fukuoka?

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5 Lord Howe Island, Australia

Technically, this crescent-shaped island is part of New South Wales; but it looks completely different from the Australia you might be expecting. Lord Howe Island is small, and the population has yet to reach 400 people. In fact, only 400 tourists are allowed on the island at one time. This is for several reasons. Mainly, it is to preserve the local wildlife and coral reefs.

Aside from simply relaxing in this laidback location, people with hobbies geared to being outdoors will fall in love with this place. Bushwalking, mountain climbing, biking, swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, fish-feeding, and bird-watching are on the daily to-do list. The islanders frequently barbecue and dine outside. But be warned, there are no pubs or bars on Lord Howe Island, nor are there many restaurants.

6 Zanzibar, Tanzania

Think of Zanzibar as a foodie’s exotic getaway. This self-governed island is an often underestimated travel destination, but the white sand beaches and gorgeous greenery emanate Paradise. Every beach has its own unique characteristics. Also, if you love spices, Zanzibar is the ultimate stop for saffron.

The spice farms welcome visitors in for tours, and you can learn how the harvesting and packaging are done. Since Zanzibar produces seaweed, too, expect to be able to drop in on some seaweed foraging.

Dozens of historical houses offer attractions for those who love touring. Zanzibar even has one of the world’s largest open-air markets in Stone Town. Fruit lovers will be able to sample several varieties of bananas and massive avocados.

There is so much to do on Zanzibar that you will not be bored. I mean, you can even go hiking through the rainforest or surfing or deep sea fishing. Whatever you love, you will find it.

7 Paro, Bhutan

Bhutan is a small nation nestled between the Tibetan Plateau and India. The destination is so remote that isolation was more or less the lifestyle until late in the 20th century. For anyone wanting to escape from the stressors of a high-paced, wired-to-technology world, Bhutan is nothing but serene, blissfully quiet.

Paro, Bhutan has several top-ranked resorts to stay at if you want a touch of civilization, but other options are available. Some hotels don’t even offer internet or TV services, which I personally think is awesome.

What do you do instead? Spend time adventuring through the Himalayan peaks, visit the Buddhist monasteries and practice Buddhist habits with them, fish for freshwater trout, do yoga, participate in Ayurvedic sessions, or get

8 Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Trekking through the Gobi Desert is not for the faint of heart. Either you’re getting shuttled around in the back of a bouncing van for hours or alone in the wilderness. Plus, there is not much to see between tour locations but a boundless landscape. So, why did Mongolia make a list? Because it is a life-altering experience.

You will want to sign up for a trip with Sun Path Guesthouse or Ger-to-ger, both of which take you to Mongolian nomadic communities. You will be treated as the clan party and have the opportunity to do things the average Joe can’t even fathom. Hunting on horseback, anyone? What about riding camel-back over dunes? For the shoppers, this is your chance to seize authentic cashmere garments for cheap.

If you are amped to go to Mongolia, do not forget to check out Ulan Bator, too. So many people pass it up on the presumption that it is ugly, but the Mongolian people are absolutely beautiful in their hospitality. And the historical sites are breathtaking. The kids will even want to play games with you.

9 Wuppertal, South Africa

This small town is 4 hours northeast of the well-known Cape Town, close to the Cederberg Mountains. It is a region untouched by urbanization. You will arrive at a scene of endless plains, farmers, and donkeys traveling along unpaved, dirt roads and meandering streams.

The air is said to have a mineral quality that nourishes the tired soul. A favorite pastime of both locals and visitors is to find waterfalls along the coastline or splash around in lagoons. Cedar trees often grow along these regions, so you don’t even need to bring along an umbrella.

What is really cool about Wuppertal is the lack of hotels. Rather, it is recommended to stay in a rental cottage or campground along the Rondegat River. At night, you can see the stars so clearly you will think you are floating out in space.

10 Essaouira, Morocco

You might have seen this place on an episode of Game of Thrones. This place in Morocco is not on the same level as Marrakech. Essaouira is infinitely more pleasant and secluded. During the 18th century, Essaouira was a French port. Nowadays, the seaside city of beautiful beaches, delicious seafood dishes, stunning architecture straight out of a National Geographic calendar, and an upbeat society.

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You can also partake in kitesurfing and windsurfing. Rentals are available along with the more established shore points. Or you can do a walking tour of the surroundings – the Argan Woods, drinking authentic tea in a Berber village, or hiking the lush Thuya forest.

I don’t know about you, but my wanderlust is kicking in. It looks like it is time to pack the bags and book ten flights. Are you with me?

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