Top 10 Most Expensive Private Jets in the World

Mar 23, 2022

If you prefer private flights, you clearly value comfort and efficient time use. Thus, you are traveling in style and comfort aboard a modern business jet with professional staff and other benefits. Not surprisingly, such things are worth a lot of money. Therefore, we offer you a list of the most expensive private jets in the world.

1. Dassault Falcon 900

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The Dassault Falcon is a prestigious jetliner that is often used to transport French officials. It is an efficient small aircraft with three rear-mounted engines. Characteristics include fuel efficiency and a spacious cabin with modern communication systems and work areas.

The Dassault Falcon 900 aircraft has clear advantages for long-haul flights in high comfort and pleasant speed.

2. Embraer EMB 190 BJ

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The Embraer EMB 190 BJ was created by Embraer in collaboration with the aircraft manufacturer Royal Jet and released in 2006. It is part of a family of twin-engine airliners and is equipped with additional fuel tanks that significantly improve flight performance. In addition, there is enough space on board for 19 passengers, thanks to a rational division of space into sections. Amenities also include a bedroom, a spacious luggage compartment, and more.

3. Dassault Falcon 7X

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The Dassault Falcon 7X is a business jet designed entirely with digital technology by Dassault Aviation. It guarantees the advantage of comfortable private flights and seats up to 19 passengers in total comfort. Moreover, the aircraft perfectly combines ultra-long range and economy, as well as impressive technical features.

The cabin of the Dassault Falcon 7X allows organizing work and leisure perfectly and is equipped with satellite communications, Internet, and LCD monitors.

4. Bombardier BD-700 Global Express

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Bombardier BD-700 Global Express is one of the brightest representatives of the class of long-range aircraft in the segment of business aviation. It can fly between any two points of the globe and has a range of almost 6,000 miles. The airplane is a shortened version of the Global Express XRS aircraft, operating at airfields with short runways.

The Bombardier BD-700 Global Express business jet has a cabin made for a comfortable flight for passengers. Each pair of seats can be transformed into a comfortable sleeper, and there is also a conference room, workstations, a spacious luggage compartment, a bathroom, and more.

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5. Boeing Business Jet

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The Boeing Business Jet was explicitly designed for corporate customers and the world’s elite. It is certified for long-haul flights and has one of the best flight characteristics in its class. The aircraft can make non-stop flights of more than 10 hours at a distance due to powerful engines and additional fuel tanks.

Boeing Business Jet allows passengers to relax and prepare for upcoming events fully. A conference room, bedroom, bathroom, or lounge can be arranged here.

6. Gulfstream G650

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The upgraded Gulfstream G-650 is the flagship of the company Gulfstream, which has the most extended range of any business jet in its class. In addition, it exhibits many other record-breaking aviation accomplishments. The aircraft has become the successful epitome of a business jet and contains all the most advanced systems.

By booking a private charter on the Gulfstream G-650, you are guaranteed to get one of the most advanced and reliable business jets in the world. A multifunctional passenger area awaits you on board, as well as additional space for the kitchen, luggage compartment, and work areas.

7. Airbus A319 CJ

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The Airbus A319 CJ is one of the first Airbus Corporate Jets, which combines the latest technology in aircraft construction and allows for transcontinental flights. This long-haul passenger jet was introduced in 1997 and has been one of the most popular corporate jets ever since.

The cabin of the Airbus A319 CJ seats 19 passengers. The model is popular due to the variety of possible configurations and zoning for complete rest or productive work.

8. Boeing 767-200

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Long-haul wide-body aircraft Boeing 767-200, designed and built by the American company Boeing, carries from 181 to 290 passengers. It has been in operation for more than thirty years and is distinguished by its extended range and maximum comfort on transatlantic routes. The aircraft is excellent for carrying a large number of passengers and offers many different size models.

Because the Boeing 767-200 is designed for multi-hour flights, the cabin has everything you need to work or relax. In addition, it is equipped with large compartments for hand luggage, good soundproofing, and comfortable lighting.

9. Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a wide-body twin-engine passenger plane created in the early 2000s by The Boeing Company, a world leader in aerospace technology. It was the first airplane made with many composite materials, significantly reducing weight and fuel consumption. In addition, the considerable cabin area, good lighting, and fresh air provide extreme flying comfort. As a result, the aircraft has successfully met various passenger needs, and in 2021 the number of aircraft of this model produced exceeded 1,000 units.

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10. Airbus A380

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The Airbus A380 twin-deck turbojet passenger jet is the world’s largest commercial aircraft. It can make non-stop flights of up to 9,500 miles. The Airbus A380 is priced at about $400 million, making it the most significant aircraft money can buy. In addition, the plane is equipped with a concert hall, a prayer room with electronic mats, a Turkish bath and is suitable for those who wish to have their own palace in the sky.

Owning a private jet has many advantages and is considered the ultimate luxury. Whether you are vacationing or business traveling on a luxury jet, you can get an aircraft that meets all of your requirements. Some of these gorgeous private jets can also be rented and have fully equipped comfortable bedrooms, comfortable bathrooms, and a team of professionals that are ready to serve all your loved dining needs.