10 Popular Destinations That Are Cheaper in the Fall

Jul 30, 2016

Everyone wants to see the world, and everyone wants to get the most bang for their buck. Summer is synonymous with the travel season, which means hiked up airfare and vacation packages. Here are ten wonderful locations you can visit for less money during the fall season with all the same beauty and fun.

1 Sofia, Bulgaria

This eastern European destination is a great value for your money. Eastern Europe is generally cheaper to visit than western European locations such as France or England, and Bulgaria is no different.

You can go skiing down the great mountainside or pull on your coat and take a trek around town to see the ancient architecture and exquisite cuisine. There are even spas set up in the ruins of a third-century coliseum, making this a can’t miss autumn vacation.

2 The Caribbean

Sun, sand, and surf are among the top thoughts people have when they think of the beautiful isles of the Caribbean – but many think of the high cost of air travel and resort packages, too. If you want to experience the tropical beauty of Jamaica without breaking the bank, never fear. Traveling to the Caribbean during the fall is a wonderful way to save cash and experience it all.

Being so close to the equator, the temperatures and climate will still be hospitable, and the end of the popular summer traveling season will be over, prompting resorts and hotels to lower their prices in order to attract savvy travelers such as yourself.

3 Cancun, Mexico

Fall in Cancun is part of the rainy season in Mexico, but rains tend to come in short bursts so you will not be stranded inside your super cheap, super posh hotel throughout your stay. With the children going back to school and tourists declining, Cancun is yet another exotic location that’s cheaper to visit during the fall.

Resort packages get slashed around this time, and flights are extremely inexpensive to this area beginning around October of every year. Even in October, though, you will still be able to recline on the beach with a nice cocktail and enjoy the warm weather and beautiful view.

4 Buenos Aires, Argentina

As fall begins for us in the northern hemisphere, spring is just ramping up in South America, meaning your fall vacation to this exotic location is not only cheaper but with all the benefits and beauty of spring weather.

Bargain deals can be found all over this beautiful and friendly city as the peak of the travel season there has yet to begin. You can find hotels in any area of the city for less than you could expect, and their upscale places are even affordable.

5 New Orleans, USA

Perhaps thought of as the most exotic location in the United States outside of Las Vegas, New Orleans has a much longer, richer history, and cheaper prices, too. While tourism to Vegas seems to keep a steady pace year round, The Big Easy tends to have its peak of travel season between March and September. Starting in October, not only are the temperatures much more agreeable, but the prices are as well.

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6 Athens, Greece

The City of Athena is perhaps best traveled in the fall. The climate becomes much more habitable and the large summer crowds are gone, leaving you and your loved ones with much more time and availability to explore the ancient and beautiful sights all around this majestic city. You can even take a trip to the Greek resort islands nearby and find budget-friendly prices there. The ferry will be there to take you back and forth, giving you basically two vacations in one.

7 Fez, Morocco

Low prices abound in the beautiful country of Morocco, one of my favorite exotic locations in the list. There’s so much to see and do in this gorgeous part of North Africa, but in spite of the location, during the fall, there’s still quite a chill in the air, so be sure to pack your jacket.

It is better to look for the more mid- to high-range accommodations options, as the lower end hotels probably won’t be the sort of quality that you’re used to. Nearby Marrakech makes this vacation stay all the more wonderful, with even more sights to take pictures of and make memories with.

8 Nepal

There are so many lovely cities to visit for low prices in this Asian nation that it is impossible to choose any one to represent Nepal for this list. Nepal is a growing tourist destination with lots of new hotels and attractions being built every year to complement the natural beauty and idyllic vistas. There are many tours you can take and wonderful waterways to boat on. The mountains are some of the most beautiful to be witnessed in this world, and this is one of the cheapest locations on this list.

9 Indonesia

Although fall is part of the rainy season for this exotic destination, there’s still lots of fun and sun to soak up in beautiful Bali. This is one of the most popular tourist vistas from all over the world, and while prices can be steep, if you know where to look and shop savvy for the fall season, you can experience good food, beautiful beaches, and luxurious hotel stays for a fraction of the cost during busier times of the year. Avoid hectic traffic and larger crowds by choosing a cozy place in one of the northern towns and you’ll be set for a relaxing vacation.

10 Cambodia

My last selection for this list is super cheap and super lovely Cambodia. You can expect to find mouthwatering food and top shelf service all over the major tourist areas of Cambodia, and in the fall, you can have all of this and more without the hefty tourist prices.

There is a world-famous archaeology site, temples all around, and five-star luxury hotels for reasonable prices, making Cambodia one of the best value exotic vacations you can take, especially later in the year. Transportation is also inexpensive, meaning you can bus or taxi throughout your chosen city rather than walk, but there are more than a hundred reasons to want to get lost in the beauty of Phnom Penh.

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Even with the global economy on a recovering inclination, people are still looking to spend their money wisely. With vacation a precious luxury for very many, it’s best to carefully choose where and when you and your family take off.