10 Backpacking Destinations That Will Be Popular in 2017

Dec 2, 2016

Backpacking is a special kind of travel that takes perseverance and a can-do attitude, but unfortunately so many of the popular places to backpack nowadays are actually filled with backpackers! Gone are the days where you could just walk onto a trail and see no one for weeks, at least that is the case for the most popular destinations.

While these destinations are popular for a reason, they are also overhyped, which is why these ten up and coming backpacking places are expected to be more popular in 2017, but still quiet enough to enjoy the experience.

1 Porto to Algarve, Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country and although many people think of Lisbon first, Porto is a stunning city and has a great walking route to Algarve along the coast, then end up near the border with Spain.

Not only is this a beautiful place to backpack, but also it is perfect for those who want to make use of public transport on a long journey. Because it is so well-linked between the two, it means it will not be nearly as crowded, however, it is gaining more traction so in the next year it will probably be vastly popular.

2 Shiraz, Iran

Although your first thought to this might be no thanks due to the bad press it gets and the fact that you can’t legally drink there, Iran actually is becoming more popular as a tourist destination. Not only that, but the majestic mountains sand desert that surround it make it a unique place to explore and backpack.

Of course, if you choose this route, you will need to be careful as much of the wilderness is untamed and uncharted, so always make sure someone knows where you are and bring plenty of water.

3 San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Nicaragua has a bad reputation in some circles as a country that is not only forgettable, but also home to high poverty rates and crime. However, this is no longer the case and many believe that Nicaragua is becoming the new Costa Rica. Just as beautiful, only cheaper and not as popular. Start in San Juan del Sur, the beautiful coastal city near the south of the country and make your way north along the glistening ocean.

4 South Africa

When you think of South Africa, you most likely think of the beautiful inlet Cape Town, or possibly the mountainous Johannesburg. Both of these places are beautiful for backpacking, but the truly up and coming place is to start in Cape Town and work your way along the southern coast to Mossel Bay and Port Elizabeth. With glistening beaches and incredible mountains – what could be more beautiful?

5 Tonga

This small pacific island is not one people think of very often. With a population of only 105,000, it is no wonder people forget it exists, but this is going to soon be a popular destination for backpacking simply because of its natural beauty and untouched landscape. Start in the capital of Nuku’alofa (which is small enough to be considered really just a village) and work your way along the coast, which looks like something straight out of Lost.

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6 Havana, Cuba

Cuba is a destination that was off limits to a huge portion of the population for long time, but now that American travelers are permitted to go there, it means it is going to be a very popular tourist destination in 2017, especially for backpackers. Starting in Havana, there are hundreds of miles of coast to explore, all just as beautiful as the last.

7 Bay Islands, Honduras

These islands are three separate islands off the coast of mainland Honduras and are well-known for their beautiful trains and excellent scuba diving. Along the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, this destination is unique and stunning and will give you plenty of backpacking solitary opportunities. However, now the word’s out, so you may find it getting much more popular in the coming year.

8 Nepal

Backpacking in Nepal is not new, but in the past the popular thing to do was backpack the Himalayas. Now the upcoming popular thing to do is visit Lumbini and Birgunj by backpacking and then make sure you head to Nepalgunj, which is famous for it is trekking.

9 Albania

A destination perhaps a bit closer to home and easy to get to, Albania is soon becoming the favorite over Italy and Greece. Start in the capital Tirana and then backpack along the Adriatic Sea and up Mount Dajti, it will be something you will not regret.

10 Taman Negara, Malaysia

Although Taman Negara is Malaysia’s most visited national park, it is only just making its entrance into the charts as a popular backpacking destination. Taman Negara will throw you back in time and for a moment you will really believe you are the only person in the world. The lush jungle is not something you should go without seeing.

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These ten backpacking destinations 2017 will soon be topping the charts because they are ever increasing in popularity, but for now you can enjoy some stunning views and experience what backpacking is all about.