Your Ideal Wine Choice According to Your Zodiac Sign

Dec 7, 2016

When in moderation, wine is good for us. It turns out, your zodiac sign can help you choose the perfect wine just for you. Believe it or not, but why not check it out? A glass of wine, anyone? Here is what your zodiac sign says about your wine choice.

1 Aries – Malbec or Viognier

Robust Malbec is like holding a goblet of energy and liquid confidence. Spicy, acidic, and lively, Malbec is a wine that stands alone. Consider Viognier the more voluptuous and luscious cousin of Chardonnay. Never boring, Viognier is adventurous as it blends creaminess with hints of juicy fruits (mango, kiwi, pear). This wine is rarely oaked. It just too much personality for that.

Why these two wines for Aries? Everyone knows that the ram is dynamic, passionate, and independent. An Aries never backs down, and neither do the flavors of Malbec and Viognier wines.